Fantastico Ways To Use Lemon In Your Beauty Routine


"When Life throws lemons at me...
I include them in my beauty routine!" ;)

I am a total lemon lover and I don't mind it when life throws them at me, as long as they are fresh and juicy.

Lemon is a splendid gift of nature which is very versatile having unlimited benefits. It works best for constipation but what if I told you that it's equally beneficial when it comes to your beauty and skin care?! Apart from adding a delicious punch to food, lemon has several benefits when it comes to health and beauty.

Here are some fantastico ways in which lemon can be used in your beauty routine:

Lemon for Kissable lips:
Lemon juice acts as a great exfoliator which aids in the removal of dead skin. A dab of lemon juice on your lips will scrape off all the dead cells, exfoliating your lips and bringing out their actual beauty. It's best for treating cracked and tired looking lips. Use it to remove your lip tan to achieve supple, peppy and totally kissable lips! ;)

Lemon for long, glossy hair:
Lemons are rich in Vitamin C which is a vital in making hair stronger and helping them grow longer. In my college days, I used to hate long hair as it just got too unmanageable for me but now it's entirely a different story. I love long hair and I haven't got a haircut since nine months. My hair is not as moody as my skin so basically I don't suffer with any split end problems and this encourages me to grow my hair further. Apart from oiling my hair regularly, I treat them with lemon juice twice a week. This goes a long way in giving them shine and also magically increases the volume of my hair. Apart from strengthening the hair follicles, fresh lemon juice also stimulates hair growth!

Lemon For Armpit Hygiene:
Citric acid is acts the best deodorant and germ-repellent for underarm skin. This is a place which accumulates the most sweat and odour and lemon juice can act as the perfect caring agent for armpit skin. Citric acid effectively kills all the bacteria and germs which are the main cause of the bad odour. It also lightens your under arm skin. Mix it with a little honey and apply on your armpits. Leave for over an hour and wash.

Lemon For Blackheads Treatment:
Astringent present in citric acid have antibacterial properties which have the power to eliminate blackheads. You don't need expensive drugstore creams to treat those blackheads, all you need is a few drops of lemon juice to be rubbed on your face and left for 15-20 minutes! Follow this routine for a week and see the results for yourself! :D

Lemon For Treating Acne Scars:
Acne are simply annoying but the scars they leave while they fade away are more annoying. Lemon juice can go a long way in treating these acne scars. Apply it along with rose water or cucumber juice on your face twice everyday until the scars fade away completely!

Pro Tip: If you are applying lemon juice on your face ALWAYS follow up with a moisturizer. This will soothe your skin and minimize the sting of citric acid on it.

So, if you want peppy skin, don't forget to include lemon in your beauty routine the next time friends! :)

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