Fitoor Movie Review ~ Epic Bollywood Fail!


There are some movies which are mediocre, some which are golden - they touch your heart and leave an impact. Then they are some movies which are just for fun and you have a good laugh and forget them. Then they are those pathetic movies too which you regret spending your money on.

Which category does Fitoor fall in? NONE! 

Yes my dear friends. Fitoor is a movie for which I had to create a special category which goes wayyy down the word 'pathetic'.

When the trailer for the film based on the book 'Great expectations' released, it's obvious that you have at least some expectations from it. Especially when the lead is the stunning Aditya Roy Kapoor. The film also had Tabbu so I was really looking forward to it. But when I actually watched the movie, I realized that it also starred Katrina Kaif with her poor acting skills - reason enough for the movie to flop away!

Katrina Kaif is one actress who never mastered the skill of acting even after her long stay in the film industry. Her expression for crying, laughing, smiling.. even the seductive ones are all the SAME!

The Good about Fitoor: 
There's a beautiful horse in the first half of the movie. I liked it. Aditi Rao Hydari's caemo role is superb too!

The bad and worst about Fitoor:
To start with, as if the story was not stupid enough, the direction is immensely foolish. Even after the whole movie is over, you sit there staring at the blank screen trying to decipher what the story actually was. Stupid characterization. Weird characters with selfish instincts... not people you would like to look up to at all!

Aditya Roy Kapoor plays Noor Nizami a supposedly poor artist who falls in love with a young Firdause.. because of her exceptional beauty.. and only that. Like WTF!
Katrina Kaif plays the rich girl who doesn't have any interest in this poor artist. She is not in love with him, has a boyfriend and is even getting engaged. But guess what! All of a sudden, she gives up everything for Noor and declares her love. (Shitty scripts I tell you!)

Ten weirdest and most annoying things about the movie Fitoor:
1. Aditya Kapoor is playing Noor who is a poor boy and Katrina - Firdause, a rich girl. But it looks the exact opposite in the film. We have Aditya strutting about in gorgeous suits and it's revealed that Katrina is a laavaris kid.
2. Weird language dating back to the Shakespeare era. Kashmiri people do NOT talk like that!
3. Stupid script and characterization. Only when I read up the story online did I realize that Noor's Mom was actually his sister and Firdause was not Tabbu's daughter. (Whose daughter she was is still a mystery I am trying to unveil!)
4. It's a blue and black film mostly. The only colour in the movie is from Katrina and Tabbu's red hair. No kidding.
5. Zero chemistry between the actors. I am disappointed with Aditya's acting in this film!
6. One minute kid Aditya is painting with a stick and the other minute one of his paintings is being auctioned at 18 lacs. HOLY WOW! *tips please*
7. If you have not read the book, you will get a great headache trying to understand the story. The connectivity is lost.
8. Kid Firdause(which is played by a child actress) is more prettier and acts better then Katrina Kaif! This is annoying because the kid hardly knows how to act.
9. Young Aditya is slim and loser looking... he grows up to be a stunning hunk. Young Katrina is fat and chubby looking... grows up to be slim Katrina. Still... I liked the young actors better!
10. They didn't take Aditi Rao Hydari as the lead actress. She would have done so much better than Katrina and I think the movie wouldn't have been a total flop.

What they had in the trailer is totally different from the actual movie. I thought it's some Indi-Pak love story with some masala(thanks to the 'doodh mango ge toh kheer denge, Kashmir mango ge toh cheer denge' dialogue in the trailer) but NO! It's just some shit which you are better off not watching.

Should you watch Fitoor?:
Yes please. If you want a headache which lasts for two whole days, please watch it.

The only thing which makes you sit through the torture called 'Fitoor' is...

Stilettomaniac Rating: **/5 (One star for the horse and the other for Aditi's acting)

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  1. watcched 'great expectations' starring ethan hawke.. that too was epic fail..didn't have any 'expectations' from Fitoor

  2. Oh god ! Was it so bad ? Glad I did not waste any money on it.

  3. Nice article, thank you for the sharing

  4. Hahaha.. this was a much witty take on the movie.. well I too didn't get to hear much good about the movie and your weird facts about it did prove it! :D And your giphys darling make it a cherry on the cake by default. ;)

  5. You have reviewed the movie Fitoor very well in detail and given it a fitting certificate - 'pathetic'! Congratulations...!

  6. seriously is it so bad?? I was really looking fwd to it :(

  7. I feel bad that you had to put up with the movie. Great review though :-)

  8. Ohh big bummer. I had a hunch it was going to be a fail I don't know why. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Interesting review for a sloppy film. Enjoyed your writing but I guess surely not the movie. :)

  10. That shows your jealousy towards katrina


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