Funny and Fantastico Ways To Lose Weight Effectively!


Isn't it annoying when someone calls you fat? Especially when that is TRUE, yes sir! This particular problem is striking most youngsters of this generation and it's the main reason why dieting took birth.

It kills to resist that extra cheese Pizza,
It kills when your girl/boy ditches you because you are fat,
It kills... simply kills!!

So, do you need to change yourself just to please others and fit in? NO ! If someone is foolish enough to call me fat or even hint at it *not that I am cough!* I would strip his/her annoying little soul and feed it to the Dementors!

On a lighter note, wouldn't it be really great if people worked on losing weight? Not for others, but for themselves, oh yes! Looking fabulous has its own charm and fitness is something you should definitely gift your sweet little self.

So friends, if you are crossing that stage and are too busy *or cough lazy* to attend Gym sessions and too big a foodie *cough bhukkad* to go on a diet, fear not, you have just come to the right place!

Here are some fun and fantastico ways to lose weight effectively and stay fit and fantastico like the Tiago!:

1.Eat a skinny person:
Because well.. haven't you heard? You are what you eat!!
This is something you might have never tried in your sweet dreams. This could prove to be the most fantastico and effective way for you to lose weight. Just grab a skinny person and eat. 
  • Risks involved: That skinny person could put up a fight and end up eating you instead!!
  • Are Results guaranteed?: 50-50.
2.Hang a mirror opposite your dining table!
"Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the thinnest of them all!"

The first step towards success is having a goal and if you are so busy loving your self that you haven't even realized you have gained weight, you will get no where! So acceptance is necessary and that you'll get by looking at your cute *fat* self in the mirror more often than required! Hang a mirror right in front of your dining table so that whenever you sit there to eat, your eyes will automatically fall on that mirror and it'll act like a reminder of how fat you have become. This will definitely help you gather the will power to ditch those unhealthy yummy foods in your plate. You can carry out occasional stunts in front of the mirror too.
    • Risks involved: Mirrors can lie.
    • Are results guaranteed?: Ummm... Yeah. Try it and let me know.
    3.Get yourself a Girl friend/Boy friend:
    You won't believe it but this is the most proven form of losing weight! 90% of people loose weight to look good and attract the opposite gender. It's the perfect motivation.
    10 Bollywood movie scenes we wish we could live in reality.
    Anyways, once you have a girlfriend, running behind her to woo her everyday will be enough exercise for you to lose that flab! *wink* *wink*
    • Risks involved: You'll have to tolerate a relationship in the name of getting in shape. It's worst for men. Beware. This could be you:
    Workout Alert!
    • Are Results guaranteed?: Totally! 100% :D
     4.Do the Kangaroo Dance.
    dancing bollywood sunny deol india kangaroo dance
    Oye Balle! Balle!
    Aerobics is a fun way to lose weight but what if I told you it does not shed enough calories? The new IN thing is the Kangaroo dance! Just get into the rhythm and lose yourself in the beats.
    Put that volume on full and dance like you don't give a damn to any freaking thing. Do the dirty steps which you would never try in public.
    • Risks Involved: People around you might give you weird looks. Worst, street dogs might chase you down and ruin the dance.
    • Are Results guaranteed?: Of course!
    5.Do The Roti Dance ~ Best Hip Exercise:

    Get that perfect belly without spending time at the gym! Take some inspiration from the legend movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum. Who knows? You will master the art of making Rotis and bring smiles on your Mom's face too! :D Just stretch your hand and twist it along with your hip. Tada!
    • Risks Involved: People might mistake your hand flip for a modern way of err.. begging. #IAmSerious
    • Are Results guaranteed?: Yesssssss!!
    6.The LOL Attack ~ Laugh It Out:
    rofl star trek
    Laughing is the best medicine.. well it's the best work out too! We use ROFL and LOL in our daily conversations but have we tried them out in reality yet? Try now! ROFL aka 'Rolling On The Floor and Laughing' will seriously fair as a an effective exercise for you to burn those calories ;).
    • Risks Involved: People might mistake your ROFLing to a fix and give you immediate medical care which can involve injections, tablets... worst - mouth to mouth from the same gender.
    • Are Results guaranteed?: For sure!
    7.Poke A dog and RUN!:
    What can be a bigger motivation than running for your dear life? Poke a mean looking dog and run! You'll lose calories as fast as Usain Bolt's runs.
    •  Risks Involved: You'll be the dog's dessert if he catches up to you.
    • Are Results guaranteed?: WHADDA YA THINK?!! OFCOURSE!!
    8.Write this on your fridge:
    Stop yourself from reaching to the fridge. Write daring things on it which will keep you from touching the food in it. 
    • Risks Involved: Your Mom will kill you for ruining the fridge by writing on it.
    • Are Results guaranteed?: Umm... Depends on how harsh the words you have written can be!
    These fantastico ways will definitely do wonders to your body weight. If the Gym is not your thing, then you should definitely try these! *wink*

    Caution: Try at your own risk.

    This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

    P.S: Two minutes silence for people who chose the 'Poke a dog and run' method. 

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