How To Deal With A Break Up ~ 5 Fantastico Ways


Being in love is a great feeling and it's the essence of any relationship. But what if you have realized that what you had mistaken for love is not really love? It's just infatuation or worst.. lust! RED ALERT. You need to breakup before it's too late.

Never toy with anyone's feelings. Remember that you can never be happy by breaking a heart, whether it's yours or the person who is involved with you in a relationship! We all are human, we make mistakes, but realizing and accepting our mistakes and doing our best to fix things and stop anyone from hurting further - That. That is what matters!

'Breakup' might sound a curse to some but what if I told you that it's actually a blessing? Yes. It's a blessing when you are living a lie. It's a blessing when you don't want to destroy someone's future along with yours. It's a blessing if you are wasting your love and time on someone who is just not worth it!

Having said this, I can't agree to the fact that break up hurts a lot, especially if you were not the one to take this step! Some people have a very hard time dealing with a breakup.

Breakup can have a very grave impact on you. The worst thing it has done to people is sending them into an emotional turmoil where the hurt is so deep that people take extreme steps like - suicide.

Life is precious my friend. Don't turn a blind eye towards your future. NEVER take extreme steps, breakup or not!

If it ends on a mutual note, it's more easier to get over it but if someone has dumped you... remember that it's for your own good. They are not worth you.

Here are 5 fantastico ways to deal with a breakup:

1. Block:
Can't block their thoughts? Then block them... from Whatsapp/messenger/Twitter/Facebook and any where else they are connected with you! If they have made it clear that its over, why hang around, sulk and wait for them to contact you? END IT. Get a life. If they have walked away on their own will, they don't deserve you! So the first step to deal with your breakup is BLOCK!

2. Delete.
Can't delete their memories? Why not delete what you actually can so the memories fade away too?! Start with the number. delete their number from your phone. Delete their pictures. Delete whatever reminds you of them. Remember that this is the time you have to grow strong.

3. Exercise:
Many people take their breakup as an opportunity to draw back from the whole world and shed tears/stop eating until they look like a mess. This is WRONG! Don't get weak. You have your future ahead of you. Don't destroy it because of a silly relationship which didn't even work out! Work out is the thing to do! Exercise has amazing healing powers and getting some action will actually keep the post-breakup gloominess at bay!

4. Cry it out:
Break up hurts. The biggest way to get over it is by accepting that it's over! Get in your bed when there's no one at home. Hug your pillows and cry it out! Cry until all the pain and memories are washed away with your tears. You will feel quite better after doing this.

5. Pay back:
Tried all the above things but not feeling better yet? Looks like the way they have hurt you is just too harsh! So it's pay back time. Yes. Why not try something like the famous scene in the film Jab we met? It's the best sort of Payback you can them! Call them and blast them with the dirtiest of words you know! This will make you feel better. Much much better.

Now smile. :)
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  1. This was such an amazing read dear. I agree with all your points to deal with breakup. And the giphy idea at the beginning and end was terriific :D


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