Impact Of Candy Crush and The Annoying Requests


Dear Candy Crush,
You were an amazing game until.. the requests kicked in!

I am not much into games but when I was younger and *ehm* a bit jobless, I used to love games by KING developers a lot! Their games are simply creative, amazing and totally addictive. 

The first ever KING game(they are game builders) I got addicted to was the Bubble witch Saga. I used to love it a lot but it had a bad impact on me. I have the habit of not giving up on a game until I am done with all the stages. Call it an ego issue or whatever you won't but I never rest until I have conquered all the stages!

 The limitation for KING games is that they give you only five lives, after which you have to wait until your lives are recharged or they simply force you to buy gold or go beg for lives from your Facebook friends.

When KING launched the game 'Candy crush saaga', which they chose to continue with the same rules and old game strategy, it was a total hit. Candy crush rose to so much fame that I couldn't help myself from downloading it and playing my heart out.

The game was amazing. No doubt. But it had a bad impact. It can get very addictive and make you lose all your senses. I mean how else would you not think once before sending your friends requests on Facebook for lives? I got addicted to the game too but never sent people life requests. Thanks to my previous addiction to 'Bubble witch Saga' I had learnt a an effortless hack which can give me unlimited lives! :P *puts on sunglasses* 

It was not long before I realized that this game was stupid and just a waste of time. The addiction was taking a toll on my eye health too. The dark circles were getting deeper by every passing day and the games bad impact on my health, both physical and emotional kept growing. I became snappy natured and didn't want to go outdoors at all. All I wanted to do was sit at home and play candy crush on my phone, like a typical teenager. 

Apart from all this, what actually annoyed me were the UNLIMITED candy crush requests I would receive whenever I opened up my Facebook. All my important notification would get lost in the sea of candy crush requests.

I had to get rid of this game's bad impact at the earliest and one golden day, I gathered the courage and determination to uninstalled the game and kicked it and it's annoying requests out of my phone. 

Did the candy crush requests stop? NO! :'(

They freaking don't stop. They never stop. I hardly have the time to go to my Facebook settings, hunt for the vicious candy crush app and beg it to stop piercing its fangs on me. Those were the days when I was new to blogging, social media and everything techie. 

Everytime I opened up Facebook. *PING* *TING* *TONG* the requests would be there to make my day bitter and I would log out from facebook like I had seen a freaking Dementor.

This game is ranked number one and 'editor's choice' in the Android app store so there's no doubt that 3/4th of your Facebook community plays it too and 1/2 of that 3/4th population decides to send you requests everyday. 

I totally stopped using Facebook and got more active on my Twitter profile. The sole reason for this migration were the candy crush requests!

Did these requests have an impact on you too? was it good or bad? Do share! :)

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