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Little unexpected incidents in life give important lessons and leave a huge impact on us. The impact is so big that our hearts stir and something in us changes forever. It can be our perspective, the way we see things or simply a judgement which we were too naive to make, whatever it is, due to the impact of that incident, it's changed and we won't know it but we are never the same.

A picture can speak a thousand words and while I have come across many such breathtaking and heart warming pictures, one of them just got too close to my heart, embraced it and left a huge impact on me.

Have we ever taken a few minutes to thank the almighty and the people who matter for the amazing life we have got today? Why do we keep cribbing and complaining, neglecting the fact that someone somewhere is in a thousand times more pitiful situation as ours? It's high time we did this. Don't you think so?!

I was in one of those sour moods of mine when I came across this impactful picture. Something had gone wrong and my temper had snapped. While all kinds of negative thoughts were navigating through my mind, I happened to open my Facebook account and browse it to lift my mood, like a typical social media addict. Finding nothing to update it with, thanks to my nasty temper, I started searching for some good images on Google to post as a Facebook update. I don't remember what I typed but Google darling suggested me some pictures and a light blue one with heart candies in it caught my eye.

When I clicked on the picture to enlarge it, my world just stopped. I kept staring at this picture for minutes.. hours.. I raised my hand on my face absently to wipe off something wet only to realize that they were my tears. I was crying.

This wonderful sketch by some amazing person had left a great impact on me. The first thought on my mind was about my parents and how they often give up their happiness to to buy some for us. How much they have worked hard for us from day one and how they continue to be our sole support and source of unconditional love.

This picture has had such a big impact on me that whenever I see people selling candies and goods on the roads, I make it a point to buy from them, even if I don't require that thing at the moment.

There's this famous Udupi Garden circle here in Bangalore which hoards the maximum traffic and you have poor children, women and men selling handmade toys, car accessories or anything thy can to earn some bread when the lights go red. When I see such people calling out in the traffic, and asking me whether I want to buy their product, my heart fills with respect and affection for them because they are not begging but trying to make out a living out of whatever they can. I really like this hardworking quality in people.

I posted this picture on my Instagram profile so that whenever I feel low, I can go back to it and stare at it until I start appreciating my life back again. It's a source of motivation for me. A big one at that!!

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