India Ka Superstar : There Is Nothing Rajni Kant Do !


You are living under a rock if you haven’t heard of our South Ka Superhero ‘Rajnikanth’!
Indians LOVE him and so does the whole world! He is a superhero. He is Awesome. He can do the impossible. In other terms he is simply FANTASTICO.

I recall my Hindi teacher talking greatly of him when I was in 3rd Std . She would tell us how she had personally met the star in a bus during her college days. At such a young age, I hardly paid any heed to the great personality she was referring to. But as I grew up and got to know him, my respect for the man tripled! From a bus conductor to the highest ranked star in India, Rajnikanth has come a long way.

The actor had a struggling start, where he worked his way hard from being a bus conductor to being the Superstar he is today. No wonder that he is being hailed as the biggest Asian star after famous actor ‘Jackie Chan’.

Rajnikanth is down to earth and is a deeply spiritual person. It is also believed that he spends his ‘Me’ time meditating in the Himalayas, and stays aloof from media attention. he considers himself to be an ordinary person even after gaining fame. He is also famous for the love and respect he shows to his peers.

Every actress day dreams of being caste opposite to this larger than life actor. His films earn profits even before their release. In his reel life he might be the folk hero , youngster with the stylish label who will hit a dozen of fat baddies with a finger or leap off a 20 floor building without any scratches, but in his real life, the actor stays away from cameras and arc lights and is the exact opposite of the character he plays in his movies. At the age of 66 , he hardly tries to hide his agening and walks around wearing a plain white shirt and dhoti, never bothering to hide his balding pate or the white stubble growing on his face. *respect*

Rajinikanth's fantastico persona in his movies has given way to many good-hearted jokes centered around the man himself.

Here are a few fantastico Rajinikanth-isms that are my favorites: Enjoy !
  • Rajni can make the real Slim Shady stand up! :P
  • Rajni can make Gangnam do Rajni Style.
  • Rajni can resolve the Indo-Pak issues .
  • Rajni can wipe out rapists and terrorists from this world. Mind it!
  • Rajni can turn of the lights by switching off the dark.
  • Rajni can make fire using two ice cube.
  • Rajni can delete the Recycle Bin.
  • Rajni can order a plate of idlis at Mc Donald’s and get it!
  • Rajni can attend a missed call.
  • Rajni can make the onions cry!
  • Rajni can understand women :D
  • Rajni can get Ekta Kapoor to produce a serial which does not start with the letter ‘K’!
  • Rajni can find Voldemort's nose!
  • Rajni can have a space in his twitter handle!
  • Rajni can get iron man to iron his suit!
Rajnikanth rose to fame owing to his own exceptional, original , hard work and unparalleled capability for demonstrating style on screen, in the most charming and captivating way. This has won him the title of being the BIGGEST and the most FANTASTICO personality alive. All over the world, a huge audience adores him and loves him - I am one of them !

A little secret: Rajni Sir is a lucky charm for me! :D If you read this post, you'll know why.

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