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We all have a hidden traveler inside us who would love to explore the whole world. Many are born with such dreams and desires of visiting foreign lands when they grow up. It's a goal in their life which pushes them towards working hard.

To all those lovely Indian travelers who want to escape into foreign lands to get themselves by the beauty of nature, why not start with your own country first?!

They say the grass is always greener on the other side and I can't help but agree with it. We dream about travelling and exploring the whole world while in this mad rush, we forget to explore the beauty of our own country. A country so beautiful and spectacular that once explored, you wouldn't have wished to travel anywhere else at all.

The places I am talking about are not listed on any of the fancy travel agency's must visit, fully resorted areas. No way. What I am referring to is the undiscovered India in the forms of villages and districts. These places have been there in India for a long while now and it's really a shocking truth that these places are yet to be explored.

One of these fantastico undiscovered place in India is Kheri, a small district of Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is my ancestral home town and I am lucky to have such a strong bond with it. Though I was born and brought up in South India, I have a special bond with North India since my childhood days.

It's where my ancestral home is and where 1/4th of the world I know resides. Our family keeps making regular visits to UP on holidays and family weddings. The picture above is from my last visit which was last year.

My cousin from my father's side got married and the bride was from Kheri. I have been to Kheri before when I was a kid as my aunt is from there but only last year did I actually get to register this beautiful place.

On the day of the wedding, we took our Baraat to Kheri and that was when I instantly fell in love with this place. That river on the image is one of the barnches of Sharda, it is located right next to my Bhabhi's Maica. Must say she was a very lucky girl to have grown up in such a lovely atmosphere. This river is just one fragment of the beauty of this place. They have boating here but it's not for people to sit and take a navigational tour for fun but for travel. Yes, they travel by boats here. :D

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I just can't forget that fantastico sight when my eyes first fell on this place. It was the perfect definition of nature with half naked kids running about playing outdoor games, the trees around the river dancing in unison to the music of nature... the birds chirping and adding to the symphony... The horses lazily grazing the grass beside the lake... Several of the excited Townies who had come in the Baraat and were as spellbound as me going gaga over the lake with their cameras.. and the boats getting loaded by my far far relatives, all too eager to travel to the other side to run errands.. and finally me, standing by the lake, staring at the beautiful leaves afloat, looking totally out of place in this naturalistic scenario in my lehenga and jewelry.

I am a bit sad that I couldn't click more pictures but I feel it was the right to do as if I would get too busy and capturing memories, I would forget to enjoy and live in the moment and wouldn't have such a fantastico experience at all!

This is Kheri.. just a small part of Kheri actually. It is one of the unexplored places of my lovely India. Next time I visit UP, I am definitely going to explore the whole of Kheri and bring back loads of pictures :D

Until then, happy exploring!

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  1. Well said! It's true that our own country is a treasure with some of the best destinations. Thanks for making us know about this beautiful gem in Central India!

  2. Cool post but I am sorry to say Lakhimpur Kheri isn't all that dreamy. I have lived there for the better part of my life and one pic of Shardi isn't all that of a reason to call it "beautiful and spectacular". As you say, grass is always greener on the other side. Well sometimes it is always green bacause it is fake.

  3. I am from UP and never heard about Kheri. Will check about it surely. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I have been to Kheri myself and isn't this the lake which is a must to cross to reach the other side ie Tirkulliya ?
    Lovely place.. I don't see why a place is being called fake just because it doesn't have houses made of cement and electricity 2r hrs.. This is a beautiful place :) Loved the post!
    PS: I have special bond with this place . It is spectacular!


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