Little Black dress or Long Black Dress? Choose The Peppiest LBD!


We are too familiar with the term LBD, one of the sexiest fashions which was abbreviated for 'little black dress' dating back to 1926. This term was first introduced to the fashion world by Coco Chanel and has been the epitome for fashion since.

It has been the answer to every women's vow of "What do I wear?!" at a party, a date and the list goes on. The LBD is famed to be the most reached out outfit for any occasion where you want to dress simple yet sexy. It's a must have in every woman's wardrobe which acts like a magic dress, saving you the torture of rummaging your brain to chose the right dress for the occasion.
Today, there's another LBD in the market known as the 'long back dress' which is giving quite a competition to the classic and age old 'little black dress'. :D

Long black dresses came into fashion with the rising craze for long gowns. They made for more appropriate choice than the little black dresses and that's when they actually started giving the classic LBD some great competition!

While I can't say which one is the peppiest, I guess both the versions of LBDs are must haves and should be worn wisely. Here's a quick guide:
When To Wear A Little Black Dress:
  • To a date: Kill him with those looks. Black is best for raising an air of attitude and boldness. Add the right accessorize to it and don;t forget to smile genuinely. :)
  • Girl's Night Out: Yo! Little black dresses are perfect to kick in some fun with your besties.
  • Reunion Party: Coz looks don't lie. It will be a win win choice!
  • The list is endless!
When To Wear A Long Black Dress:
  • Office party: Yes. A long black dress will be perfect for an office part. Add a knee high slit to it and it will definitely give you a sexy cut!
  • To meet his parents: Long black dress version of an LBD will be perfect when he introduces you to his parents for the first time. Even if his parents are quite liberal, a short dress on the first meeting is big NO! You don't wanna take any chances now do you? *winks*
It's just a rumor that little black dresses are more better and handy than long black ones. The beauty lies in your choice of the LBD. Thanks to online shopping, there's an unlimited choice from various brands on both long and little BDs today. If you are opting for a long black dress, then choose one with an interesting hemline. High low hemlines are the PEPPIEST trend these days and I LOVE them! You can also look out for sheer and intricate work, this just makes the long black dress more interesting and appropriate than it's little version.

I love both the LBDs but I guess it's time to break the stereotype and go for the more experimentative long black dress look this love season. It'll just be so peppy and fun! :)

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  1. I have one simple LBD no long one. I replaced long one with black flowy jumpsuit. Great suggestions as to where to wear both of them . It helps out people like us a lot. :)

  2. I love both :-p
    Cheers, Archana -


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