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Hapinness in little things
Who doesn’t want to be happy all the time? Human beings search for happiness in every little thing and sometimes, I think the things we do and work are for the sole reason so we can be happy or put a smile on our loved one’s face.

But life has its ups and downs. Its normal when we our hit by an avalanche of gloominess and sadness. The deal breaker is how we cope up with the bad things that happen with us in our lives, because that is what actually matters. We are all starving for happiness. Everyone has his own definition of it. Be it shopping at a sale or simply the joy of applying your favorite lipstick, the little things in our lives are what matter. They act as a catalyst and suck out the bad from our lives and bring instant joy to us!

Some days you get up in the morning and feel like its the best day of your life. Everything goes according to what you had planned, even the weather and traffic lights comply with your plans. It does turn out to be the most fantastico day of your life!

But there are other days too when you wake up and feel like the day would end even before it started. You have a feeling everything is going to get complicated. You come back from work dull and tired. You struggle through the day and hardly smile the whole day! It takes less than 48 hours to change your day from fantastico to foul. That's life.
It is during this time we must realise that happiness is not a situation, it's a choice. When things go wrong, you can fall down or look up. Its up to us to accept that the days won’t always look bright, but we do have the option to commit to finding something worth smiling about. The little things in our lives can bring immense happiness to us only if we COMMIT to them. I am listing a few things that may seem little but are totally peppy and have teh power to make a huge difference when we are at our worst:
  • When you try those jeans that were tight then and now, they fit you perfectly! Once you don those jeans and someone tells you “ Wow! You look slim. You are getting back in shape!” :D Yes. This can give immense joy to any of the women out there! Agree? *wink wink*
  • You are in a foul mood and then mother nature has a special gift in store for you to save your day . It rains ! I LOVE rain!!! Getting a glimpse of the beautiful rainbow after it rains during summer.. Hot tea with onion pakodas and a Rom-Com movie *bliss* .How many of you love the rains? Its beauty..  It's scent .. everything calms my senses. Such little things can make a huge difference!
  • Even a phone call made at the right time by a right person can make us happy! When we get the first birthday wish from our best friend at sharp 12 am :) Or when you miss someone and suddenly get a call from that person.. :)
  • Meeting your best friend after 10 years for a cup coffee, the moment to realize we are still the same. You might be at the sad phase of your life but such things hold a lot of importance when concerned with happiness. Your twitter bestie coming down to your city just to meet you and be crazy together. It all counts.
  • When you unexpectedly find a 100 rupee note in your wallet while you are running out of money. THAT. The message of salary being credited when you are counting every penny before it is shelled out..
  • Flowers. Anywhere, anytime. They can brighten up my mood instantly!
  • A flat 50% off. Discounts on your favourite brands! A new wardrobe. The Bodyshop toiletries.
    Wearing a set of pretty bangles. Mastering to wear the nine-yard long breathtaking garment that signifies India.
  • Little things within the family that bring joy like receiving  a handwritten letter from your sister on your birthday. Mom-made Pickle landing at your doorstep. Seeing your loved ones after a long long time. Mom ke haat ka khana ^_^ Grandparents to talk with. Siblings (the obliging sort!) Receiving corny forwards you never read from cousins. Shows people care. A ‘Thank you’ or ‘I Love You’ text from your loved one. The midnight coffee made by your loved one. Receiving compliments from your man.
  • Hugs Hugs and some more bear Hugs. A hug when you're down and out is remedial, it's more than a million I say. An unexpected kiss from someone you love. The unexpected discovery of a childhood pic bookmarked in your favorite book... where you are looking cute and cuddly. ;)
  • A successfully booked Tatkal ticket through IRCTC. A window seat to sit sit on as soon as you hop into a crammed up local.
  • The first appreciation mail. A set target is achieved. A Monday off. Or a leave from office in middle of the week. 
  • Catching your phone before it drops on the floor. Not having to put an alarm. 
  • FREE WiFi ! This is the best thing which can happen to a social media addict!

Just remember that happiness is the best make up you can ever wear. There will be thorns growing in life but look at the roses and feel blessed and happy! These little things are the reasons why we get into a fantastico mood instantly! They have the power to turn foul days to fantastic within minutes or even seconds !
This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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