Looking For An Escape? Places To Get Away


Places To Get Away
Sometimes life gives you loads & loads of lemons and you don’t have enough energy to make lemonade with all of them! So you decide to run away from life or maybe plan a vacation or a holiday with the family to take a break from all the life problems and get some quality time for yourself !
We all need relief from daily stress and strains of life. Too much work and not giving yourself some time to relax can have a great ‘impact’ on your health leading to depression ! Your mind needs some  peace and your body needs to relax. At times like these we all wish we could escape to some place or other where you can de-stress and unwind !
It is normal for people to plan vacations to beautiful cities around the world but is there a place you wished to get away to? I am talking about escaping using imagination. It could be your childhood dream to escape to Disneyland or Hogwarts (Any place from a story book) or simply the mountains. Yes, I am talking about all those fantastico things our minds imagine and form a picture, and its this place we want to escape to when we find ourselves in chaos !

Few of the unusual and fantastico places I wish I could escape to in order to leave my worries behind and have a good time are as follows :

No rules, No regulations.
A free life where I can smile and enjoy every second of it . All these society rules and norms placed by our relatives, I want to break free from them and escape to a place where they can never reach me ! It could be any exotic place, the only condition is none of my nosy relatives should be there :P

A place where there is no need of money to lead your life:
No money , no honey? You have lots of money, the government will tax you, kill you and make sure you keep working all day and all night to stay right at that position. You don’t have money, then you are poor, with nowhere to go and nothing to eat. No money , means no shopping *kill me* Money, money and money! Phew ! Yeh paisa paisa karte hai, paise pe kyun marte hai? :P
I have always wanted to escape to a place where one could live in peace with no one rich or poor but as equals!

You Don’t Have To Work
A magical place where we don't have to do any work...we just have to sit and enjoy ! How I wish such a place existed *Mega sigh* I am not a procrastinator and I love my work but its been a dream to go to some place where we don’t have to work :D

Her arms:
My mothers arms because that's the only place where I feel relaxed and safe! In her arms I know there is heaven. I have a bad day and I immediately wish my mom was by my side so I could hug her and all the gloominess would vanish within minutes ! The power of her arms, her love , yes that’s one place I want to escape to! If only mom’s could appear out of thin air every time we needed them ! Wish wish WISH !


I swear there is nothing more relaxing than reading a book by your favorite author ! I have always wanted to escape into the world of a book, where there are no troubles and you are reading the story of some other person’s life. A book, a hot cup of coffee and my bed – I have always wanted to escape to such a scenario every time I am stuck with stressed day at work or college!

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