Love For The Peppy Festival Holi


The Love For The Peppy Festival Holi!
People in India love colors. India is steeped in traditions, India charms and mesmerizes all her visitors with its kaleidoscopic rendezvous.

Every house, every road and every street has a story to tell. From farms to industrial areas to rivers, everything holds a special place in the hearts of Indians!  But it is tradition, culture, cricket and celebrations that truly bring this country together among which the most celebrated and peppy thing is none other than HOLI - The Beautiful Festival Of Colors.

The colors of India are  diverse and speak the language of its people, from the red and muddy walls of village huts to the pristine beautiful white of the Taj Mahal. Holi is a festival celebrated in great revelry and belief, where citizens of the country paint the skies and their surroundings in the magnificent colors of joy.

Few of the reason Why Indians love this high spirited and lively festival are as follows:
  • Indians love it as they believe this  festival brings colors of joy to their loved ones life and get rid of evil all at once!
  • For who wouldn’t want to play with water guns? 'Bag wali water gun' has been everyone's favorite in their childhood! :D
  • Its so much fun mixing gulaal with water for it to become a pakka color ! :P
  • Its in this festival that we get to eat jalebi rabdi with thandai *yummy* !
  • Its a festival where the whole family is in their highest spirits, remember when some random uncle in the family who gets high on bhaang and starts dancing with the glass on his head! :P
  • Its not just a riot of colors but an ambiance of laugh riot with your loved ones :)
  • Women love it for they get to click loads of colorful holi smeared face selfie’s ;)
  • They love it for its all about spreading happiness! Making the life of a less fortunate person colorful :)
  • Its a  day of fun, masti, pranks, laughter and happiness!  :D
  • The Fun, frolic, boisterousness to the extent of buffoonery makes this festival of colors a huge HIT :)
  • It is also believed that its God's way of letting adults be kids again :) 
  • For its the only day when no one cares about their looks. Just enjoy in the colors of holi !
  • For Indians get to dance on peppy holi songs like "Rang Barse" and palghat pe nache madhubala
  • For every color signifies one beautiful thing..and holi signifies HAPPINESS :)
  • One can make new friends while throwing water balloons over them! It opens doors of friendship!
There is an eternal meaning of Holi beyond the ‘color play’ and ‘grand feasts'.The message of peace and happiness  . The best part is when you come back all colored and ring the doorbell of your house and your dad refuses to take you inside because he doesn't recognize you ;)
Holi is a time of togetherness and it would be incomplete without the traditional Rangoli to welcome guests, both divine and human.
Rangoli competition at my College fest
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