My Dream Closet: A Closet To Covet


my dream closet

Some dream of living in mansions,
I dream of buying a peppy closet on my own.
Wardrobe full of shoes & clothes , 
Still I am 24/7 in the shopping zone.
My closet may not be very stylish,
Not even up to date,
But I close my eyes and dream of a heavenly closet,
So all those I shopped with love had a lovely place
The closet would be my world of happiness,
Making me look fashionably fantastico in life’s every phase! ^_^

Sometimes I don't mind walking that extra mile to look fabulous. I have always believed in the mantra’ Look good, feel good', so a little hard work in the name of pepping up never scares me. We all have our personal styles and we buy what suits us the best. Later, we organize all these clothes in our closet so we can find the right thing at the right time. I am a peppy person and when you raid my wardrobe you’ll find the most vibrant and lively colored dresses and shirts ! The impact of being fashion conscious is you’ll end wanting a HUGE dream closet, one which you imagine yourself to afford in the near future if you hit a lottery or find millionaire husband :P Storing all the beautiful clothes and bags you bought also requires a lot of planning. Beautiful clothes and accessories deserve beautiful storage space right?

I love vibrant and dark colours as it suits my style. I love to buy anything from anywhere and then clubbing them together to give myself a perfect look. I am brand conscious but I am not afraid to try clothes picked up from streets.Thus overall my style can be ordinary at one point still unique at other. Well for a person having so much going on the style department it must be really hard to buy everything you ever wanted and storeing them safely in an organised way. In order storing all of these one must have a HUGE closet and that’s what I call a dream closet !

We all have that ‘image’ of a Dream Closet inked in our minds. A closet full of fantastic and fabulous clothes we have always wanted ! From High heeled spiked shoes to lace dresses, everything that would make us fashionably fantastico and hatke from others ! I have imagined having a beautiful, glamorous closet since I was a child. It's always a lot of fun to daydream about your dream closet, right? Dreaming as to how fabulous it would be and how many fantastico accessories you could store in it.

Lets make a note of all the things a Fantastico Dream Closet Must have:

Bookshelves For Shoe Organisation

shoes organisation
This is VERY important. Women love shoes, and shoes love women. A Dream closet would be incomplete without ample space to store all the shoes !  Also using bookshelves for shoe organization is something I want to do in my dream closet ! Neat and organised. Perfecto !

Everything Well Displayed

everything well displayed
I love beautiful jewelry trays, vintage bowls to store makeup, and other pretty vessels for displaying little treasures. It's lovely to keep a few favorites on display, for outfit inspiration, in order to dress up fashionably fantastic every single day!

Mirrors Everywhere

Yes, please! What would I do without the mirrors which show me how beautiful I look every time I look at one ;) Mirrored doors is one thing I have imagined my dream closet to have! A closet with mirrored doors would be so glamorous. I have always day dreamed about having an old school glam vanity, like this.

Everything Peppy & Stylish

everything peppy and stylish
A dream closet would be incomplete without peppy and colorful chairs around. Be it a cozy sitting area or an elegant vintage cushioned chair, where I could sit and try on shoes, and just hang out, a dream closet should have all! From peppy wallpapers,to vintage sitting area, and stylish mirrored vanity , everything fabulous and fantastic is what my dream closet will be made up off!

Organised Storage Units

I love keeping things organized. I like to make sure that everything is kept in its right place in my home. My closet is no exception. I have always wanted a  colour-sorted wardrobe. My mood, each day, seems to be matched by colour, so that's how I organize my clothes in my closet hence I would like my dream closet to have center storage units with glass display to make everything easier for me while I am dressing up!

I would incorporate all of the things I listed above in My Dream Closet. It would all be super organized... shoes, jewelry, underwear, outerwear, purses, scarves, and so on, would all be beautifully sorted and easy to find while I am dressing up everyday and I would look fashionable fantastic each day !

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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