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This year started off with me making resolutions and breaking them like any other new year. But something tells me that this year will not be that bad after all. Actually, I think it's gonna be pretty cool! My main priority this year is to loose loads of weight and get back to size zero. Second priority is trying to sleep early.

I can tell you that being a social media addict really gets to you so much that loosing weight looks more achievable than changing your sleep schedule. I am always caught up with doing something or the other during the night and especially if it's blogging, than it takes quite long for me to finally go to bed. One thing which I pride myself on is following my night time routine, no matter what. That's the only pampering I give my skin these days and today I'll be sharing my night time beauty routine with you.

Night times are fantastico hours to give your skin the pampering it deserves. Your skin is in peace like your whole body during the night and it is time when cells indulge in skin repair thats why night time beauty rituals should be taken seriously.

Makeup Remover:
My night time routine starts with scraping my skin off every bit of makeup. Sleeping with your makeup on is like killing your skin with your own hands. Removing it before sleep is a MUST. If I am not wearing any makeup, than I simply skip this step.

Washing my face:
Makeup removal is followed by cleansing my face with a good face wash. I am not too choosy with any particular type of face wash and pick up whatever smells good from my stash. However, I do avoid face washes which dry up my skin.

Toning with a face mist:
Face wash is followed by toning my skin with a face spray. This is the most favorite part of my routine. I simply LOVE sprinkling the sprayed water on my skin! :D *kid alert* This opens up pores and well, it's just too much fun! ;) I am loving the face mist from Oxyglow currently.

Moisturizing and massage:
Moisturizing skin is a total MUST. Let the moisture settle in overnight. I also give my face a little massage to help better blood circulation. This helps keep pimples at bay and also hydrates my skin making it soft and supple.

Night Cream:
Massage is followed by pampering my face with a good night cream. Night creams take care of a LOT of things, they even prevent skin from pollution harm, based on the formula you are using. It's necessary to build back the elasticity and firmness of your skin. I am using the one from OxyGlow(shown in the image)currently and it's pretty good!

Eye Gel and Lip balm:
This is the MOST important part of my night care routine. Even if I skip other steps all thanks to my laziness, I never skip applying eye gel. The reason behind it is simple. I spend most of my day in front of my laptop/cell phone screen and eye gel is a must to soothe my eyes and rejuvenate it. Eye creams are not for me, they get into my eyes easily and sting. But eye gels I LOVE! I have used eye gels from Auravedic, Lotus herbals and Aroma magic. The aroma magic one is the BEST and the one shown in the picture is my third repurchase!

I seal the whole night routine with a good lip balm. The fruity shine range from Nivea is not moisturizing enough but I don't have any chapped lips problem right now so.. chalta hai, plus I love it ! :D
That's pretty much all I do. Simple yet effective routine! This routine helps my skin a lot. I have been seeing it's benefits for my skin for a long time now. It helps my skin stay peppy and not loose its luster! :)

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