10 Reasons To Celebrate If You Are Single This Valentine’s Day!


too fantastic to settle
Mushy couples won’t shutup stay quiet . Be it your relatives or your friends who have girl friends/wives , who advise you to get hooked up or much worse keep grilling you about settling down ! Some of the couples cross the line by going on and on about their valentine’s day plans and how beautiful their life is going to be on the 14th of February, ending up making you feel embarrassed or awkward when they ask your plans for the fourteenth of February . These are the people who make you think that you’re in the wrong for being single. It gets me thinking if all these couples have forgotten the freedom that being single brings along with it!

Remember Madhuri Dixit’s character in Dil Toh Pagal Hai? The dialogue she say’s on V day ‘ Har eak ke liye koyi na koyi bana hai…’' . The same way you’ll meet people letting out a MEGA sigh when telling you “You know there’s someone out there for you, specially made for you..” Oh really? Maybe there is, but also, I’m cool right now. So please.

Its not even the fifth of January and you start getting mails and reminders of ‘Valentine’s Day next month’!You try ignoring it as you're single plus you're dreading having to be on the outside looking in at all of the romantic gestures the romantic day demands. Well well, its high time you stopped feeling bad for yourself ! Being single on Valentine’s day is actually a good thing. The single trend is ON. Valentine’s Day is widely regarded as a time for couples to celebrate their feelings of love while being single on this day is considered as a social stigma by many ! This Valentine’s day 'Stay solo, Stay fantastic' !

Tell you what there are many, many ways that single life rocks . Here are some fantastico reasons why being single on Valentine’s Day is celebratory!
  • Date or no date, you have to look good on Valentines Day . While everyone is getting ready you get a day off to dress in your favorite pajamas and laze around the home in slippers with a cup of coffee and your favorite book! ;)
  • No chipkoo girlfriends or strict wives who will make sure you feel bad if you leave the geyser on by mistake while getting up ready for the whole date and candle lit dinner thingy ! 
  • Being single on Valentine’s Day because Valentine Day is over rated. And so are restaurants and gifts. Yes.
  • Being single on Valentine’s Day as you get to save so much on expenses. Wallet full of money. *win win* You can shop more, splurge more on yourself ! *Mini happy dance*
  • Being single on Valentine’s Day because I couldn't find someone as awesome as myself ! Ha !
  • Single and proud because at least I can go shopping. For my own self. Even on 14th.
  • My Valentine shall be my wi-fi. It, at least, would say that I have a connection. *Grins*
  • Just remember, those having fancy dates will borrow money from you tomorrow. LOL.
  • Wouldn't it be an awesome Valentine with your Ex...Box 360?? (How many of the gamer's agree?)
  • Check your EX's Facebook page. Stalk your crush. Tweet endlessly. Write blog posts. Gawd so many interesting things to do this Valentine’s Day !
  • Also you get to sleep diagonally on your bed LikeABoss ! *Huge grin*
    I already want to take a nap on the Fourteenth of this month now *Yawn* :P
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Note: The best way to celebrate this day is to go ahead and buy something for your mom ! She raised you. You love her, she loves you. Maybe get her a personalized gift. I don’t know. Just call her. Tell her you love her. She’ll appreciate it. She is fantastic, she deserves it. Hokay?!

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  1. I miss being single so many times and valentine's was perfect when I was alone.


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