Said No Woman Ever! ~ 7 Things A Fantastico Woman Will Never Say


Being a woman myself, I quite pride my gender on their totally fantastico nature. :D . While there's no denying that we are awesome, there are some things in us which will never change. For instance, we women love sales and it is highly impossible that just the word doesn't have any effect on us! Having met thousands of wonderful women in my life, I witnessed a lot of striking similarities.

I talk a lot, whether with my friends, my family or anyone. I am a twin Geet who loves to voice her opinions and speak when it matters or just for the sake of it. It's not just the case with me but the majority of women do so too. We all love to talk a lot and have our say on everything.

But have you wondered about what a woman would NEVER say? *ehm* Yes, there are a lot of things which we women would actually never speak out. To find out what these fantastico things are, read on!:

Women are too fantastico to say these things!:

"I don't like Shopping!":
This is something which no woman will EVER say. Shopping is as important as food to women. Actually, more important than food because we can go on a diet but we can't go without shopping for a week! I myself am a shopaholic. This addiction is so divine to me that I would skip my lunch for it!

"I don't need a maid. I'll do the dishes on my own":
We all love maids. Women love them more. Maids are more dear to us than our perfectly manicured nails. :D. I personally adore my maid. She is no less than an angel for a lazy bum like me. ^_^

"I don't want a rich boyfriend!": :P
*cough* Sorry guys but 'Money hai toh Honey hai!' ;) We all want a rich man who will love us unconditionally later and hand us his Credit card too! *wink* You will never hear a woman say that she doesn't want a rich man to fall for her!

"I don't care about what others say about me!":
Said no woman ever!! We might not express it but we do whole heatedly and 10000% care about what someone thinks about us, especially if that someone holds significance in our life. If we didn't care about what people said about us, we wouldn't take that extra effort to look always peppy and gorgeous! ;)

"I am Wrong":
No woman is going to say that straight forward. Even if she knows deep down that she is wrong, she won;t admit it. :D That's the reason the saying goes "Women are always right!" ;)

"I am fit. I don't need to lose more weight":
Staying in shape is on every woman's 'To Do' list. Even if her belly is three sizes less than zero, she will never say that she doesn't want to lose more weight! I myself think that once I have achieved my fantastico goal of 'size zero' I won't put a stop to mission lose weight! :D

"I love discussing your Ex. Tell me more about her."
Said no woman ever! All we would want to do with your Ex is rip them apart and scrape their jolly faces with our long nails. :D

As for those who question our Fantastico skill of never saying the above things:

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