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Despite all the positive vibes, there are always times when we feel low. The reasons vary, sometimes they are big problems and the most of the times, especially for me, it's something very silly yet irritating.

Some days I am annoyed at the fact that I don't know what I am annoyed at and and this situation is pretty annoying! I experience the weirdest of mood swings anyone can ever have.

I make a big attempt on always staying positive and not letting any of the negative thoughts put my brains into a toll but when the pressure's too much - the restraint snaps. After all, one can't behave like a mini tornado of happiness with the brightest of smiles 24/7. Sometimes those muscles need to relax and that's when the little negative goons kick in.

While a long walk, alone in the park or paying more attention in prayers always helps, I find myself more inclined towards - shopping.

Shopping. Just the word is enough to bring the brightest of smiles on my face. Add the word 'sale' to it and my smile only deepens.

Gone are the days when I would turn my schedule upside down to go to the mall, spend my precious time and energy hunting for whatever I need there, sulking while waiting in the long billing lines and finally, come home to aching feet and a weeping wallet. That's just not the definition of shopping for me!

Shopping for is sitting in the warm comfort of my cozy bed, clutching my phone/laptop and browsing the e-commerce apps. Online shopping is the best thing which happened to any shopaholic like me. No kidding.

Dear amazing inventor of the concept of online shopping, wherever you are, I want you to know that I love you!

Shopping is true love for me and I can choose a Sale over Bae anyday! It acts like a fantastico medicine for me when I am feeling low. I am so eager in hunting for the best deals on whatever I want to buy that the bad mood just evaporates into thin air. After a while, I myself can't believe that I had been in a sour mood just a few hours back. I am all chirpy and back to my cool 'mini-tornado-of-positivity' mode again. My up lift in mood is starkly evident in the renewed zest of my voice as I happily tell about the sale to my sisters and ask Mom if she wants anything for her or the home.

I get the best deals on what I need and also my smile back so it's a win win situation. I shop from Flipkart and Amazon the most so I always have that security of not giving my money to the bins. When I don't like anything I have bought.. I return it and get the refund within the matter of a few hours. I know, so cool! 

I have shopped from more websites then I can remember and here's a little review:

Fastest Delivery: Flipkart
Best Packaging: Amazon
Cutest Packaging: Myntra
Best Pricing/sales: Flipkart
Best Return policy: Flipkart and Amazon.
Best Exchange Policy: Flipkart. (Amazon doesn't have an exchange policy at all!)
Best Competitive Pricing: Snapdeal
Best Return pickup scheduling: Amazon *claps*
Best Collection of products: Myntra
Best Images of the products: Myntra
Best Grocery Mart: Grofers and Ola Store

I can go on and on. Let's leave more details for later! I just shopped from the ongoing Flipkart 'end of season sale and that's what's got me all pepped up. :D

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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  1. Amazon doesn't have a return policy! Shocking!

    Shopping is my stress buster.

  2. I think Amazon's exchange policy is seller dependant. I remember in US Amazon let us keep a mattress for free just because seller did not respond to return requests. How many shopping sites does that? I love amazon above all!


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