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When it comes to online shopping, I prefer e-commerce websites which have a great customer care policy as that's what makes you want to loyally shop from them. If you can't keep your customers happy, you are not doing Business right!

I have always praised and loved Flipkart's customer care service because it's simply superb. It's the faith I have in Flipkart which didn't stop me from buying my laptop and most of my other gadgets from them.

Only when I thought that Flipkart's customer service was the best, guess what happened? Snapdeal proved that I was gravely wrong and that it's customer service is simply superb!

I am a shopaholic but that doesn't mean I spend mindlessly, I like to shop wisely and with that I mean - Sales! :D Where there's a sale there's me! It so happened that I bought some stuff from Snapdeal through gift vouchers and due to some problem, I had to return some of the products.

Snapdeal does not have an 'add to wallet' option or any other such voucher privileges like Amazon and Flipkart do. It so happened that they transferred the refund amount to the original mode of payment(gift vouchers) like they usually do. But as I had already used these vouchers, I had unstarred them and they were lost in the sea of my thousands of mails.

I literally forgot about the vouchers until this New year when I suddenly remebered and went hunting my Gmail for those vouchers. As luck had it, it had been a year since I had used them and ALL OF THEM had expired. *Mini heart attack*

I felt sad. Mad. Angry!!
Being a typical Social media addict, I vented out my anger on Twitter, tagging @Snapdeal and complaining how they didn't have an 'add to wallet' option and how my vouchers had expired. I didn't expect anything at all, just wanted to pass my message to Snapdeal.
Snapdeal's CEO and Co founder Kunal Bahl followed me instantly and replied to my tweet asking me to DM him all voucher details. At the same time, @Snapdeal_help replied to my tweet to asking the same details. I gave both of them the details(again not expecting anything) with a latka huwa face.

What happened next left me baffled. I received a call from Snapdeal's customer care team within 14 hours and a very friendly executive listened me out and assured me not to worry.
What next? Snapdeal REISSUED all my expired vouchers and on my request, added it to my Freecharge wallet instead of gift card. This was a very moving gesture for me because I was the one who was careless to not use those vouchers.

I am very touched with this amazing customer service of Snapdeal and would shop from them again and again just to show how much this little care they showed moved me! :D

When we have such fantastico customer care services available in the e-commerce world, who would shop from malls/stores where the sales persons keep staring at you all the time sneakily as if you are some petty shop lifter or something? Duh! #OnlineShoppingForever! ^_^

Three cheers to Twitter!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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