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The trend which is forever going to be in style is the Peppy Peplums! You must have heard about the hottest trend of the season, peplums! This garment style is perfect to accentuate a woman’s figure and is totally flattering at the same time!

Peplum tops and skirts have these lively and fun factor about them which makes it a must for every fashionista to have a peplum top as a staple in their wardrobe! The best thing about peplums is there are a whole lot of ways to style and wear them!
Peplums are undoubtedly fun and flirty! The playful trend works well with strapless dresses, short sleeved tops, jackets and skirts. From Bollywood to Hollywood, this trend has been seen on celebs and run-ways everywhere. It's such a loved trend, that the peplum 'frilly' has been added to tops, dresses, leggings, belts , gowns and even sari blouses!

The peplums were popularized in the 1800’s and ever since then they have made a huge comeback in the runways from time to time. Peplums are peppy undoubtedly, the clever little frill that extends from waist to hips is flattering and a fashion trend selling like hot cakes! The peplums speak of posh lifestyles, elegance & effortless grandeur and grace, all put together, they are trendy as well. It’s great to see women in Bangalore sport this trend more often. From college goers to women at malls, everyone seems to be smitten up by this trend, peplums are making a comeback in every closet.

Here are six ways to wear and style the Peplums which will make you look peppy every time you wear this trend!

Peplum Dresses

Peplum Style Dresses have been around for long, and they refuse to leave the fashion scene no matter what!
black, peplum, tulle, hem, gown
You can sport the peplum trend in the form of a long silhouette gown or a body con dress!

Peplum Tops

There are many ways to style a peplum top. One can wear a peplum top with a pair of black sexy leather leggings paired with thigh high boots for a fun date night.
Add it to a pencil skirt and classic pumps for that work meeting you have coming up next week. Or you could even try it with your distressed skinny denims for any-day going anywhere! Invest in a sweet white peplum top for the oh so close spring season, or grab a sexy bold colored one to throw on along with your polka dotted skirt when you hit a party!

Peplum Belts

This one is newest to make an entry into this trend. For all those who don’t want to go for the whole dress peplum look can simply opt for a belt to give that edgy feeling to an outfit!
African Tribal Print Peplum Belt Yellow Print:
Plus they are not expensive and light on the pocket ! Win win!
peplum belts 

Peplum Skirts

A peplum skirt is the best way to experiment with the trend. Wear it with a fitted sleeveless light colored blouse or a plain white tee for summer, then wear it with a chunky sweater and booties in the fall.
Peplum Sequin Skirt:
This orange peplum skirt is one of my favorites ! What say? You like?

Peplum Jackets

A figure flattering outfit is made even more chic with the addition of a peplum jacket ! This curvy statement jacket is flattering when worn over pants, dresses, skirts, shorts or jumpsuits!
#Classic & #Bold by Ivory Lane => Click to see what she wears:
Grey Peplum Blazer Black Booties:

Peplum – The Desi Way

The peplum trend has caught up even with our Desi designers!
Sa'irah by Roopsi Suri - Peplum Saree:
Ritu Beri:
Peplum top and tulip flair skirt by Anaikka:
Lehengas and Peplum tops to style over Shararas , to Peplum blouses under sarees, the peplums have caught up with the Asians too!
Do you love this peppy trend too? Are you going to give it a try? Temme!

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