The Fantastico Parent Logic


*At gun Point*
Our parents are fantastico but there's no denying that some times they get melodramatic and make the most supernatural assumptions and expectations when it comes to us! :D

The other day I was going through a hilarious twitter trend and smiled at the witty tweets. Little did I know that my Mom was watching me closely and when I looked up from my screen, the first set of questions she threw at me were "why are you smiling looking at the phone? What's his name? TELL ME!" Lol. I was like "Mom just chill! Twitter pe hoon!" and to that my Mom was quick to launch into a lecture of how I had Panda-lookalike dark circles for which twitter was responsible and before I knew it, the famous dialogue of "Sab problem ki jadd ye phone hai! Phenk de use!" was being repeated for the thousandth time! (If I try to follow her advice and actually throw my 30K worth phone.. she'll kick me out of the house probably saying "Pagal! Paison ki kadar nai hai ise!") :/ *sigh*

I love my gadgets and my Mom knows this fact more than I myself do because every time I sleep beside my laptop ( after a long tired day), she is the angel who does the honours of packing it and making me sleep on Mu pillow and putting a blanket on me. :D
Most fantastico parent logic:

1. Don't talk to strangers. Marry them.
How many times have we heard our parents caution us about not talking to strangers and avoiding them like snake's poison?! But when it comes to marriage, this logic evaporates into thin air. They want us to share our entire life with the same strangers who they asked us to stay away from when we were young! 

2. Daughter is not Picking up her call since 5 minutes. She is Kipnapped. Or worst, DEAD?:
I never put my phone on silent mode even if I am in a meeting as when my parents call me, I have to answer at the first ring. If I don't then well.. they will send out rescue teams for me! :D On one of my college outings my phone was switched off and as I was a bit busy with my assignment, I didn't care much. When I did switch it on, there were a sea of missed calls and messages from my Mom, Dad and even my Best friend's Mom and Dad and her uncle's Mom and Dad! I have never made the mistake of ignoring my parents' call again !

3. Be like your neighbor's daughter/son:
They say, be like your neighbor's daughter/son, and if the neighbor's daughter does something wrong, they say "don't mingle with her. Even you will get spoilt." I mean like seriously! Which advice should we take? This is damn frustrating! They throw two opposite points at us and ask us to follow them both at the same time.

4. "Roses are red, Violets are blue, You have an arranged marriage waiting for you."
They say "It's your life, your choice Beta. your decision matters! " and when you introduce them to your choice of a life partner they don't approve! They simply coax you into making their choice your choice and that too with a big broad smile on their face!

5. Don't do it like that. No one will marry you!
Every time I hear this! Every time! :'( If my roti is not round enough Mum says it. If I don't make my bed, she says it. If I sit on my laptop, she says it. If I breathe, she says it!! *sigh* :P

So much atyachaar, but still our parents are THE BEST because the reason why they say all these things is they care for us and our future. They love us beyond our imagination and like to taunt us so that we get a grip on our lives. They are no doubt fantastico! :)

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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  1. Haha I agree if you don't attend their call it becomes like a world war!!!


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