The Fantastico School Days ~ 5 Grammar Errors I Miss Making


From my childhood, I miss my school days the most, especially high school. This is that phase of my life which holds the most fantastico memories for me.

Miss the nickname keeping.
Miss the cat fights.
Miss getting to boss around the younger kids from Primary school.
Miss the friends who talked to you without expecting any benefits.
Miss those peppy privileges which only the High school students were given.
Miss being the School Captain.
Miss the excitement and drama which went behind an exam. Those never ending three hours which would decide our future.
Miss coming out of my examination room with a content smile only to realize that I didn't notice the questions at the back of the paper. *heart attack moment*
Miss the flirting and innocent crushes which held such importance in ones heart.
Miss detention.
Miss how we had to pay for our mistakes... there were so many people to stop you.. to slap you upfront and shake sense into you.
Miss those friends who held your hand and dragged you towards the right thing, even when you were protesting...
Miss all of it!

Those care free days when impressing your teacher was the top priority and you could drop to the level of exposing a fellow classmate's missing pants to get in her good books.

"I will tell to Ma'am!" 
This was the biggest threat which kept bullys at bay and made the faint hearted, shit in their pants. During primary school, complaining was very common, whether it was about your fellow mate not returning your book or a one inch pencil which you think you kept in your bag, but can't find now.

"It is Dizzing Ma'am!"
Every time it rained, we got to use this posh word. It was some kind of competiotion to notice rain drops and be the first one to break the news to your teacher before anyone else could. The poor teacher would stare at her students before realizing that they are referring to 'drizzling'.

"I no talk to you! Go!"
Whenever I hear a kid say this, I am struck with nostalgia. 'I no talk to you' was the best 'dhamki' we could muster as a kid. :D It came in handy quite a lot of times and won you some chocolates as bribe from your fellow mates! *winks*

"Ma'am he tooked my pencil!"
This blame goes to all those irresponsible boys in my class who couldn't carry their own stationary to school and begged us girls to lend them. The brats never returned them back too. I remember lending an eraser to a boy once and he returned it to me half eaten. LIKE SERIOUSLY! *I threw it in the bin of course! ehm*

"My tiffin eating he Ma'am"
Yeah. The tiffin had special eating features and went up gobbling children. Lol. I had a best friend in my 3rd grade who used to say this always! Whenever we talk about school today, we remember this and laugh a lot. Being a bhukkad, I can hardly forget this. :P

These sentences and many more(which I can't think up right now) will always hold beautiful memories for me and remind me of how fantastico school life was!!

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