The Girl With Eleven Fingers


It's funny how we crib about silly things, turning a blind eye towards the amazing things life has give us. It's human nature to always yearn for something better but does this mean you stop appreciating what you have?!

It doesn't take a famous person or a big incident to have an impact on you. Not at all! Celebrities do impact us but it doesn't mean that they are the only ones who do so. Most of the little things I have learnt in life are from complete strangers. Strangers who don't even know that they have had left such a grave impact on me. 

High school was quite eventful for me and this is the incident which occurred during my board exams. Some of my classmates were assigned at a top Government school in Bangalore to write our board exams. I was one of them. This school was quite huge and roomed students from schools all over Karnataka. 

I like making friends everywhere I go so within a short span of time, some of the students seated in the front bench, backside and right, had become my friends. They were very interesting people, all from different schools and you won't believe this - three of them had the same name as mine! :/ Yes, students are usually seated alphabetically and this was a real shocker for me. (One of my classmates Ayesha, who was seated in another classroom had seventeen 'Ayesha' named girls in her room. No kidding!) :D

So, coming back to the point, one of my new friends who was seated in the front bench was really very sweet and witty. But I noticed that the people around her kept giving her awkward glances and murmuring to each other and laughing at her in a mocking way. I HATE such behavior, simply hate it! So, before I could tell them out, I needed to know what was the cause of their outrageous behavior towards this sweet new friend of mine. Just when I was about to ask her and make the situation more worse, she lifted her hand, and I felt a pang in my heart. This sweet girl was very special. She had an extra finger hanging from her tenth finger. That was the cause of all the disturbance and tease by the other students towards her. I know, crazy!!

This incident really got me thinking that how weird we Humans are that we can't accept a simple difference, a simple change. Most of the students in the class were asking this girl annoying questions like "Does that hurt when you write?" and what not, bringing her close to tears. But as amazing and special that she was, this girl answered everyone boldly saying it does not hurt and she loves it. When one of the bully boy called her an insulting name, that was when my anger snapped. After my verbal burst out, the class went very quiet and no one dared to speak a word until the exam started. To this the girl simply laughed and asked me to ignore them, like she did.

The best things in life come to an end and so did my High school along with my exams... and I never saw that girl again. The impact she left on me was very grave. She taught me that what others think about you does not really matter. What matters is how strong you are to deal with such shit bags. She also taught me that ignorance was really bliss. I don't know what happened that day but I have made it a point to treat everyone equally since then. 

When the results of our SSLC exams were put online, I couldn't help myself from checking out that girl's result too. I remembered her roll number and some others too as they were just exceeding numbers of my roll number. What I saw made my heart swell with pride. The girl had passed with distinction and a 100 in Social Science. One of the bully boys who had insulted her had got 10/100 in Maths and failed in four subjects. 

I partied hard! :D

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  1. That's a beautiful quote, Bushra!
    Having 11 fingers is special!

  2. U r a pro writer Bush. U must try in this field!!!

  3. U r a pro writer Bush. U must try in this field!!!


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