The Impact Of Words On ME


impact of words
“Your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine “.
—The Civil Wars
We grossly underestimate the power of our words. Words are just like seeds. They have the creative power as well as the destructive power. The impact of words is much more than anybody could assume. They carry enormous weight. More than we can even imagine. They often leave an impact on people for decades, if positive, providing them courage at times of distress.
Negetive Impact Of Words On Me..
The first time I realised this, it was when I was in the 6th grade. During my 6th grade my parents had me rolled into in a new school and hell it was scary the first time I stepped into the school all by myself. I didn’t have liberties like old friends and the familiar smiles of my old school teachers. Everyone here was new to me , I din’t have the luxury of established friendships and I was sat all alone by myself in the first bench. I had a hard time connecting with other classmates as there were 60 children in my section unlike my previous classmates who were just 12 in number. It was all fine until a boy in lunch hour walked up to me and asked me if I had lice in my head and that if I oiled my hair everyday or if my hair was always in such a bad state. *I know gross* I was horrified and terrified at the same time! To have someone come straight and ask me such an awful and embarrassing question (NO! Eww. I did not have lice, and I have the most beautiful hair BTW!) While everybody present during the lunch hour sniggered, I felt like crying, his words haunted me for years. I used to look into the mirror and see if my hair was really sticky due to oiling and I started avoiding oiling of my hair! The mere meaning of life became to grow beautiful hair and it took me years to get over this stupid perception! The impact of harsh words I say you ! Ha !
Incredible Impact Of Words On Me..
But the second time when I understood how powerful words could be I was in high school. It was during this time I discovered the power of the written words! I was given an assignment by our English teacher and like everybody else I kept postponing the assignment until it was the one day before the date of submission. The day before we had to submit our assignments I sat throughout the night and put in effort to finish up and at least get a B in it. Our English teacher hardly ever gave an ‘A’ grade. Hence we always aimed for the B.

The next day after I had submitted the assignment I totally forgot about it for a few weeks, it was when the assignment with the grades updated were being handed that I realized how words could change lives! As soon I got my assignment I saw red marks all over the page and in almost all my pages .Disheartened I turned on to the last page to see if I had got a ‘C’. The grade ‘C’  was the most dreadful thing that could happen to a girl who ranked among the highest during exams. I was worried and hurriedly flipped through the pages and finally saw the words written in RED!
Excellent! ‘A’ grade ! Keep up the good work! ‘
Your assignment was one of the best I have come across so far. Your style of writing is beautiful.
“You really should consider a career as a professional writer .”
I gaped at it open mouthedly. Stunned. Overcome by joy.
I flipped back through the assignment again and noticed many of the red marks were exclamations from her like “This is awesome!” and “Brilliant!” Of course, there were plenty of critical remarks, too. (Please, she was an English teacher, after all ;) )
And for years I saved this assignment as my knight in shining Armour and would pull out that assignment and read the affirming words, and grin. Those words by my English teacher turned me into a new leaf. I actually increased my ace and topped in every assignment after that! I would feel good about myself every time someone praised a blog post of mine and felt proud and remembered those written words by my teacher.
I am sure many agree with me that words when said and articulated in the right way,can change someone’s mind. They have the power to alter someone’s belief. A few simple encouraging words can bring a person out of depression and make him a successful person, or destroy someone’s happiness completely ! A simple choice of words can make a HUGE difference !
They can affect or destroy a person completely!
Words Do Have Power.
Please Use Them Wisely!
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P.S: No one gets away bad mouthing me. I kicked that boy and his school and after creating a drama at home. Was transferred to my old FABULOUS school again by my loving parents! ^_^

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  1. People do not recognize that I have been a victim and criminal of the same crime. So really need to improve myself and develop thick skin. May be I cannot control others but I can make myself indifferent and polite. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Indeed dear. This needs working on for me too :/ :)


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