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Ever since twitter was launched in 2006, its rise to glory is impressive. It had a great impact on the world, I myself am a hard core twitter addict. It's just too peppy and fun to be resisted!

Before when people would be stuck with some doubt or an assignment, they would Google. It was the Baap ! But now people tweet out their problems instead and get a personally experienced answer from their followers and fans! Gone are the days when people logged into Facebook when they wanted to connect with friends. Or even liked a brand page you wanted to connect with! Its the age of Twitter ~ you have a small problem? tag the handle of the brand and they will reply/DM you immediately.

Twitter started with people sharing random thoughts with the world. Now twitter is an ultimate platform for communication! The impact of it is so huge that brands have chosen to expand their business and advertise their newly launched products via twitter!

From stalking your favorite celebrity to stalking your own crush, Twitter can be quite useful. Be it catching up on the latest trending news, or following your friends that you want to keep tabs on, twitter is one application that is simple, effective and a platform to vent out your anger ;)

Here are a few things I learnt from this world famous application , though the world is busy benefiting from twitter via promotions, discounts and deals and recommendations, I see twitter as a tool that is fun and a place where I can vent my anger out! Hear are all the funny and ridiculous things I ended up learning from twitter !
  • Twitter taught me more words than Google ever could! No, really !
  • It taught me ‘Sarcasm’ . No, nope .NO. Don’t judge.
  • It taught me I can LOL, ROFL and LMAO without moving .
  • It taught me that any sport can be watched live on Twitter. Be it cricket , football , wrestling or even Kabaddi!
  • Twitter Tweeple taught me that every damn thing is joke.Also they taught me to screenshot before it's
  • It taught me that it is important to have good grammar to be expressive. Also that most of the English-speaking people suck at grammar and punctuation. And yes it was via twitter that I knew people do take grammar seriously even on twitter ! Remember all those grammar Nazi’s lurking on their TL’s looking for typos or grammatical mistakes?
  • It taught me that even ‘phekus’ like KRK are titled as a Celebrity O_o Every other tweep with 50K followers is a tweleb. (Also that a beautiful DP equals to gaining more followers automatically :P ) Meh! 
  • It taught me how to count up to 140. LOLWA. Also I learnt from twitter that ranting has no limits. Its a place where one can rant for hours and no one will complain (Careful, you might have a few unfollowers though ;) )
  • I learnt from twitter that it's not just me , who cribs about the Government ! Every other trend is about how the Indian government sucks at almost everything! Be it the Beef ban, censor etc.
  • It taught me to laugh at my own jokes. Yes ! So maybe I am heading towards attaining nirvana in the humor category *ahem*
I be like...
*Logins to twitter*
*OMG ! Look at that tweet , HAHAHAHA!*
*OH my this is so funny, HAHAHADIESLUAGHINGTAKESREBIRTHLAUGHSANDDIESAGAINANDTHECYCLECONTINUESHAHAH* (That’s how most of the creative tweeps write on twitter)
*Favorites it*
*Searches for Retweet button*
Oh..they are all my tweets :P
  • It taught me that intelligent and smart men with a great sense of humor do exist, but they're introverted and refuse to look up from their phones!
  • The importance of these symbols "@" and "#" , I learnt from twitter But I seriously think .#People #Should #Stop #Using #Hashtags #For #Everything #:P Its irritating *_*  (Same applies for Instagram!)
  • Twitter also taught me how to use 140 characters wisely! Or you can say discuss and make statements to the point. No bakwaas, bole toh eak dum jhakaas ! *laughs*
  • It taught me that even Rahul Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal & Narendra Modi can sometimes be more funny then Kapil Sharma!
  • One of the greatest things I learnt from it is 'if you cannot win an argument, just favorite the last tweet and leave' *ta-da*
Also I know many people who see twitter as an application with zero importance. Well in that case I would say all of us have things we don’t enjoy that others passionately love. I have very little love for sports but I do understand why many people love it. for all those who state ‘ If you are happy in real life, then twitter is not for you. It puts the ‘New’ in ‘News’’ so try not to hate twitter, its simply fantastico ! *Wide grin*

PS: I lurvv Twitter because Twitter has given me those people who love me & care for me even though they might never ever meet me in real life. *Gets all sentimental*
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  1. ROFL!!!! This was such a fun read sweetie xx

    Cheers, Archana -

  2. I thought the twitter really is a game of hashtags that will not need grammer. It is a fun article. Love it.


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