Tips To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer


Lips are the most sensuous part of your face. They have the power to make a bold statement, if given the right care.

I am a lipstick girl in and out. Lip glosses are just not for me, what with their sticky and not so lasting formula, I would choose a lipstick over a gloss any day! When I buy a lipstick, the first thing I consider is the shade and how it suits my skin, the lasting power comes later as I love reapplying my lipsticks. But there are always times when reapplying lipsticks doesn't seem appealing, especially if you are in a meeting or a place where you would feel uncomfortable to take out your colored tube and do the reapplying.

At times like these, it's very annoying when the lipstick wears off faster than you could have imagined. But do you need to worry? NO ways! Where there's a will, there's always a way beauties! ;)

Here are some fantastico tips which will ensure that your lipstick lasts long:

Every beauty routine starts with exfoliation and it's no different with your lips.  Use a toothbrush to lightly scrape off the dead skin from your lips. You can also use a home made exfoliator of sugar+honey. Rub this mixture on your lips and leave for a few minuted before washing.

Exfoliating should be followed by moisturizing. Lip are made up of the most sensitive skin and they need the most care. Exfoliating scrapes off all moisture so be sure to moisturize your lips before your makeup with a good, tint-free lip balm.

Blot and reapply:
Blotting is the BEST method to make your lipstick last all day. Once you apply the lip color on your lips, take a tissue paper and lightly blot the lips. Once the luster of the lip color is out, leaving just the lipstick tint on your lips, reapply the lipstick to seal the look. You can blot thrice if you don't want your lipstick to budge at all! More than that will risk your lips into getting chapped!

Use Brush:
Don't apply the lipstick directly from its tube! Using a lip brush to apply it will give your lips a painted finish which will look fabulous and last longer.

Use Lip Liner:
This will make sure your lip color doesn't sneak out on its own will. Also, lining your lips will define them, adding to the beauty of your lip color. Nude lip liners are best but you can use the one of exact shade as your lipstick too.

Apply On Foundation:
When you are applying your foundation base, make sure you apply a thin layer of it on your lips too and apply lipstick after that. This goes a long way in keeping your lipstick intact. The thin layer of foundation will also bring out the true color of the lipstick. Works for me!

Use these fantastico tips and make sure you flaunt those gorgeous lips all day long!

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  1. Great tips.. I am sure to try them all. Thanks for sharing sweety :)

  2. I use that tissue and powder trick too. It does increase the longevity.Great tips!


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