When Nothing Makes You Happy Thank God For Red Lipstick


wear red lipstick like a diva
When I was a kid, I would stare at women with perfectly painted red lips with awe and dream of wearing the perfect red lipstick some day. As years passed, my fascination for the ‘red Lipstick’ grew more and more. Then came a day when I opened my first makeup kit(which was a gift from my sister ^_^) and red lipsticks in almost every shade imaginable tumbled out of it. *sigh* The joy!

I am a Red lipstick girl through and through! I have over a dozen shades of red in my makeup stash. SO much love for RED LIPSTICK! Two things I buy often are - shoes and red lipstick. All the women in my family are obsessed with red lipstick too. My sisters and Mommy dearest own a red lipstick and never stopped me from buying one too. *win win*

For me, a Red Lipstick is same as shoes. I can never have enough of them. Brownish red, sheer, matte red, glossy red, reddish pink, orangish red, I own a red lipstick in almost every shade, undertone and finish! What is it about red lipsticks that most women find themselves magically attracted to them?! Red Lips can make your day no doubt. Just one swipe from your favorite Red lipstick bullet turns you from dull to being peppy within seconds .*speaking from experience* 
Red is such a sexy color. It just gives you an awesome feeling every time you wear it. Be it a Red dress , Red Nail paint or a red lipstick, a girl's favorite lipstick shade says a lot about her personality. Red Lipstick is the simplest way to look fantastico and it hardly takes time to get a perfect red lips look, which is why I guess most of the women out there just love RED lipstick!

Applying a lipstick can be a tricky and tiring task but after getting that perfect cupid bow curve, you are left with a satisfied happy feeling. All of the meticulous applying and reapplying, plus the work of preparing your lips for application that comes beforehand (moisturizing,scrubbing and exfoliating your lips) and when you finally step out in a bright bold red lipstick it is worth all the trouble. The trick is to balance out the other makeup well when you are wearing a red lipstick.

Red Lipstick love
Are you a Red Lipstick girl ? Why not? Here are a few reasons why Red Lipstick is Fantastico and thumps other lipstick colours when it comes to being the best !
  • You can wear red lipstick to compensate for your lack of eyeliner education. Can’t make that perfect winged eyeliner, red lipstick will do just fine, pucker your lips with red bold lipstick and you get the bold look ! Ha !
  • Don't forget that there's nothing better than red lipstick! When you wear a Red Lipstick, Own it. You need to wear the red lipstick with confidence, or it will wear you !
  • Wearing a Red Lipstick gives you a feeling that you could do anything !
  • It is an instant confidence booster!
  • A gorgeous shade of lipstick in vibrant, bold red can make you feel stronger ! Yes !
  • If you find the right shade, a red lipstick can take your look to another level. :D
  • When you have so much to say, but words fail you, red lipstick never will. 
  • Red lipstick is a sign of self-assurance, go for it babe ! 
  • Even the act of applying red lipstick is empowering. Red Lipstick POWER ! Its that Fantastico hokay? *Applies it again*
Red lipstick is lethal. Agree or not! Red lipstick makes everything better. There's something timeless and compelling about a bold red lipstick. Do you need anymore reasons to know that the RED LIPSTICK is Fantastico?

thank God for red lipstick.

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