Wish Wardrobe: Building Blocks To The Fantastico Wardrobe


I like to stay in tune with ongoing trends and hence love splurging on grabbing the hottest trends, seasonal must-haves, and I have a LOT of clothes in my wardrobe (and outside of it also), but every time I open up my wardrobe to pick up an outfit I find I have nothing to wear . Do you know that feeling? I’m sure most of the women out there do.

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In order to look your fantastic in every season one must put effort , and buy effort I mean REAL hard work ! Its not just walking into a shopping mall and picking up dresses in your size . One must consider the fit, the color, the size and the most important thing if you will be comfortable wearing it ! I don't dress according to trends .. I dress to "Moods".

Bangalore weather is pleasant but it gets cold even in Bangalore during winters ! And the winter here is giving me a hard time. Nothing like leather jackets to keep me warm and stylish. (*_*)
The weather definitely has an impact on the way we dress . In summers its all about light summery dresses, cotton tops and light colored short skirts ! In winters its all about layering ! Your wardrobe has seen trends come and go, but the basics that perfectly worn-in white shirt, classic black peep toes, those matchy worn out trusted blue jeans, and flats to with everything slippers are forever .

These are wardrobe must haves and we can be assured that these key pieces will never go out of style or lose their street-chic appeal. Simply put: They’re the building blocks to the fantastico wardrobe!

 Here are all the clothes I wished my wardrobe had and each of them is a building block to get that perfect wardrobe !

Wardrobe Essentials To Look ‘Fantastico’ Every Day:

A capsule wardrobe, for all seasons !

  • Button-down white shirt teamed with skinny jeans because minimalism is in.
  • Comfy flats for days when you don't feel like wearing high-heels.
  • Cute cardigans are another must have to pull together an outfit and keep you nice and warm   :)
  • A classic little black dress paired with a statement neck piece for a night out with my girlfriends! :D
  • Cute printed scarfs to give my look a much needed color! ^_^
  • Skinny jeans, leather jacket paired with black stilettos. Perfect for a winter-y night out!  
  • Accessories! Can you ever have enough of these?
  • Need studded pumps, gladiator style heels, peep toes with stiletto, boots, sneakers and cute flip-flops!   
  • Over sized graphic tees for college wear.
  • Coats, blazers, jackets and trench coats for stylish winters :D 
winter essentials
  • Need basic black and suede pumps in my wardrobe. 
  • Retro black pencil skirt looks uber-stylish. My dream wardrobe better have it!
  • Frilly white shirt to go with a sleek Blazer as formal wear.  
  • Animal print dresses never go out of style. A MUST-HAVE indeed.
  • STRIPES! STRIPES! STRIPES! What better than some Stripes to break the dull monotony this season? <3
  • Also little black dresses and Sequined dresses and Peplum dresses and Maxi dresses, oh I could on for ever! Yes,yes, yes !
peppy essentials
  • Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. “ Self- explanatory na? :D
  • Aztec is another huge trend this season and how can my wish wardrobe go without Aztec skirts and dresses?! <3  
  • Distressed jeans! A must have in my perfect wardrobe!
  • A Wish wardrobe without DENIM? Nah.
  • POLKA DOTS! My fantastico wardrobe MUST have a sleek polka dot dress.
  • My fantastico wardrobe will definitely have over sized hoodies and boots for Fall <3  
  • Want my wardrobe to be full of all the trends I love: NEON, LACE, STUDS, SHEER ,OMG the list goes on.  
I wish I might get an all new wardrobe this new year. Cheers ! *Keeps on day dreaming*
My goal towards building the fantastico wardrobe is still a long way to go.  I don’t have most of these essentials but its my dream to own all of them and I’m sure one day I will have them all and I won’t have a problem of ‘what to wear’ in the morning any more!!!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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