5 Tips To Look Gorgeous On Your First Date


 Guest post by +Meighan Sembrano 

The first date comes with a lot of pressure, as you will both judge each other according to the physical appearance. So, if you are preparing for your big night, you need all the help you can get. To come to your assistance, here are five tips to look gorgeous. Do not hesitate to read the entire article and put the advice that was included in here to good use. These tips are going to come in handy for future dates as well, so be sure to remember them when the time is right.

#1 Hair
As this is your first date, you want to look fabulous from head to toes. You need to wash your hair and go through your routine, to make sure that you look fabulous. You might even go as far as to schedule a visit to your favorite salon, arranging your hair is a simple manner. A new hairdo might be risky, but it will give you just the edge you needed, to feel confident and sexy. With the night before, you can also consider applying a hair mask, using natural remedies. In this way, your hair will look even more fabulous the next day.

#2 Makeup
First of all, do not make the mistake of putting on more makeup than it is necessary. The idea behind makeup is to accentuate your most beautiful features while maintaining the real you. The right amount of powder will allow you to feel confident and also to make a positive impression on your date. Before you decide on the makeup products to use, it might be a good idea to read some of the latest skin care reviews and see if it’s time for some changes. Remember, the skin has to be moisturized, and you should never apply more foundation or concealer than necessary. 

#3 Water
If you want to look gorgeous for your date, you need to drink adequate quantities of water the day before. Otherwise, your skin will look dehydrated, and you will not enjoy the aged aspect. At the same time, you need to avoid eating salty foods, as these will contribute to the retention of water and will cause the puffy-looking aspect. Watch out for the diet and refrain from consuming fatty foods, as these can cause breakouts and acne lesions. The consumption of water can also prevent you from excess eating; moreover, it will help you clear the skin and eliminate any toxins. 

#4 No zit or pimple popping
In many situations, we can tell if a zit or a pimple is going to appear on our face. The respective area is sensitive, and it may become red or inflamed. No matter how tempted you might be, you should refrain from touching your face with dirty hands. You will only risk bringing more bacteria into the respective area and causing a secondary bacterial infection. And, more importantly, you have to refrain from popping that zit or a pimple. Apart from the fact that you will risk getting it infected, imagine how you will look next day. There is nothing worse than an infected zit, covered up with foundation. Always think before touching acne lesions, especially if you are going on a date shortly. 
#5 Perfume
Men enjoy a delicate scent, so you can consider wearing perfume. However, you have to pay attention to the kind of smell that you choose, so as not to be too powerful. The perfume should complete your looks and create an air of elegance and mystique. In the situation that its scent is too strong, it will create the opposite effect. In general, it is recommended that the perfume is applied at the wrist and on the neck. You can also spray it in the air and go through the perfume mist, as will help you maintain a delicate scent, without being too loud.

These are five of the tips you can consider for a gorgeous look on your first date. Always remember that everyone is nervous on such occasions and that looking fantastic can give you just the confidence you need to make it through the night. You have to dress without appearing overdressed, wear simple makeup and do not exaggerate with the perfume. Moreover, it is important to maintain excellent hygiene the days before the date, so that your complexion is free of blemishes and other similar problems. And, last, do not forget to have fun, as this is what first dates should be all about.

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Author Bio:
Meighan Sembrano has done her Mass Communication degree. In her free time, she likes to write about health, lifestyle fitness, world news and beauty. She is an author at Consumer Health Digest since 2012. To know more about her, follow her on Twitter, Pinterest.

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  1. Pimple is something you just cannot avoid and it mostly comes when it is not needed. ;) Thanks for the tips. :)

  2. I think point no 4 is most crucial 😋😋
    Awesome tips darling! I'll remember them on all my dates with my husband now 😉

  3. Thanks all for your lovely comments. I am glad you like the article. :)


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