How I Met Mr Apple ~ A Clutch(y) Tale


It was love at first sight.
I was browsing on a breezy Spring day,
When suddenly, I saw him. The rest is history.

When I was a kid, I used to love apples a lot. I love them now too but during my childhood, I was crazy about them. Crazy as in, Paro-Devdas, Romeo-Juliet and Laila-Majnu type crazy! More than the taste, there was something about their shape that appealed me. Maybe this long love for apples was what  made me fall in love with this beauty instantly.

It has been nearly a year now since I bought this Apple clutch. I am a die hard online shopper and thanks to websites like Amazon and Flipkart, I got to own such cutie!
I bought this clutch during my Sister's wedding. It was the time when her wedding date had been fixed and the shopping season was in full swing. Everything from my outfits to my footwear had been finalized and now the only thing left was a gold signature clutch and a silver toned one to go with my wedding and Reception outfits respectively.

My wedding outfit was a pink and blue floor length Anarkali and I was sure that MANY of the guests and my relatives would be wearing Anarkalis so I wanted something very unique that could make me stand out from the flood of anarkalis and give me that 'Gorgeous sister-of-the-bride' feel! *Wink*

I saw this clutch first on but the price there was too high(approx 3200) which gave me second thoughts and I was stuck between 'to buy or not to buy'. Thanks to my super online shopping skills, I happened to search for this brand on Amazon and was delighted to find this clutch on a discounted price. I was overjoyed and went ahead and made it mine.

When I received the parcel which contained this clutch, it was like unwrapping a bundle of joy. It was more stunning in reality and the website pictures did not do ANY justice to it. The seller had sent it wonderfully packed.
The Reception came and I finally got to flaunt it. The compliments which started with my own Mom never seized. Some of the compliments made me blush while some made me kiss the clutch. :P Two curious girls actually came up to me and were like "Didi ye apple ki clutch hai ka? It's so pretty! Can we hold it?"

The only downside of this clutch is that becuase of it shape, my phone doesn't fit in it. Apart from this, it's a total beauty and worth every penny. I have carried it to three big functions until now and it's a total paisa wasool.

That girl was right in a way. All Apple products are special and this clutch is definitely something Apple should considering making! ;)
Brand: Mex
Price: 2600/- (MRP was some 3500/-)
Colour: Silver
Type: Fully embellished, apple shape

Do you guys want more such 'How I met' posts? Would love to have your feedback! :D

P.S: Once, my nephew(who was one year old back then) actually tried to eat it while I was not looking. O_o

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  1. Looks super awesome! Even I want!!!!!

  2. Generally amazon sells the cheapest. It is their marketing strategy. They have a team which researches price in the market and quote the least. This clutch actually looks lovely and my first thought was also how did your cell phone fit in. :)

  3. Even I fell in love with it. Tad bit pricey but worth every penny. Great buy !!

  4. gorgeous clutch :) sweet clutchy tale :)

  5. I recently went here for a party and right from the moment I walked in I was in awe and I can only hope my daddy dearest offers to pay for my wedding here someday! At wedding venues they took care of every little detail one can think of.


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