In The Spotlight: Moti Work Jhumkas


"Jhumka gira reeeee.. Bareli ke bazaar me!" ;)
 I am crazy about pretty things and just can't stop myself from owning them. Maybe that's the reason why I am such a shopaholic.

Talking about shopping, I heard the OLA store will be closing soon due to lack of synergy. This is really sad because I have shopped from them and I think they are one of the FINEST grocery apps. :/
Anyways, I thought I would share one of my most treasures pieces of art with all today - Moti and crystal work Jhumkas.

I had gone shopping to Commercial street, Bangalore when I spotted these amazing beauties at a store close to Gujri Bazaar. I had been there to do some post-Eid shopping. We (my sisters and me) shopped for a lot of pretty jewelry that day and these Jhumkas were like icing on the top of the cake.
Three offline shopping tips I want to give you all here:
  • Never keep your festive shopping(especially things like clothing) for the last minute. The rates will be sky high.
  • ALWAYS go check your favorite stores after the festivities. You'll get everything on a discounted rate! 
  • Never forget to check out the collection at your favorite stores during the festive season. You will always find something stunning and worth investing on which won't be available during normal days.
These Jhumkas were a last piece left and the shop keeper was going on and on about how every other piece was sold at double the rate he was offering me them at. He said these were from Bombay and that they were hand made and what not. All I could register of his talk was the price of these jhumkas - they were totally inexpensive! STILL I bargained. *Puts on sunglasses* ...and got it for half the price of what he told at first! *flips hair* *does the lungi dance* :D :P
This is the reason why I love shopping at Shivajinagar so much. You get to bargain even on a ₹50 hair clip! :D :*

I was SO happy to buy these because I loved them at the first sight and was like 'I don't care how much expensive they are. I JUST wanna own them!' and I got it at the best price ever so I was all dreamy on my way back home. :P

What do you think? Aren't they DROOL worthy! ^_^

P.S: All pictures have been clicked using my Phone. ;) 

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  1. I love pearl jewellery. They look so elegant.

  2. Hi Bushra,

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  3. Very pretty jhumkas. Would look lovely with Indian wear.

  4. Looking awesome. Nice photographs.

  5. These jhumka earrings are cute and colourful. I love to make this type of different jewellery.


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