My Fitness Challenge ~ Losing Weight Without Going To The Gym


The first step towards improvement is acceptance of the flaws.

Today I accept.

I accept that I have grown fat. *cries* Not a horrifying 100+ Kgs (ooh pweezz!! *eye roll*) but definitely not what a 21 year old young woman of my height should be. *puppy face*

How much do I weigh? You'll have a heart attack. I weigh 56 damn Kgs. Yeah. *sob* *sob*
Some people reading this might be laughing, probably because 56 is not too much, especially for men ,but hey! Freaking hey! My friends weigh twenty kilos lesser than me. They are all those slim and curvy girls with a zero size figure whom I envy.

My friends kept telling me even teasing me that I am growing fat but I was too observed in my delicious servings of extra cheese burgers and pizzas to even register.

I kept ignoring my increasing weight for like two years until... until a few days back. It happened when I was trying to click a selfie in front of my mirror and that's when I saw it... a double chin. Yes. A freaking double chin. From the moment I have seen this double headed monster dwell inside sweet little me, I CANNOT rest. Not until I have kicked it out of me forever. >_<

My Goal: I want to get fit. I want to get in shape. Please register that I have not used the word 'slim' here. I hate being a stick. I would never trade my chubby cheeks and dimple chin for a stick like fleshless body like my friends even for billion dollars! (umm.. scratch that. Maybe for a million dollars I would totally do it. Lol.) But let's just leave that part for later.

My Inspiration?:

Bhumi Pednekar! This lady is someone I totally look up to because let's face it, WHO takes up a nearly impossible and highly challenging role where you have to gain weight for your character? ...and just after your movie is done, WHO get's back in shape and kills that fat as if it was never there? - Only this one fabulous lady Bhumi Pednekar! I read up her whole story and trust me, it's SO inspiring! If she can do it, I can do it too!

So here I am folks. I have already taken up my very first fitness challenge five days back. So let's go ahead with a little details:

Am I going to the Gym?: NO no no nooo. I hate gyms. I like privacy especially while working out and let's just face it - Gyms stink! Plus, I definitely don't have time for gyms!

Will I be doing crazy exercises: Not Really

So what will I actually do?: I love having fun with everything I do! :D So here's my secret plan:

The Only Three Things I Am Doing To Lose Weight:
I did a lot of research and then finalized three basic yet vital things to get me started:

1. Zumba Dance: Thanks to Youtube, I have mastered some steps of Zumba and I totally love doing it! This video is my favorite. I have downloaded it and groove in with these gorgeous ladies to burn those calories once everyday! :

2. A 30 minutes walk EVERYDAY. No excuses: I love Bangalore, it has parks left and right, everywhere you go! ^_^ I go on a walk everyday with my nephew to a park close by. I totally enjoy my time spent here. :)

3. No Pizzas. No Burgers.. No Junk food at all. Instead, fresh fruits in my diet with lots of different vegetables and brown rice. ~ This my friends is THE toughest part! *smh*

It's day five of my #FitnessChallenge and as I write this, my cutiepie nephew is pestering me with 'Maasi chalo palak ko jayenge' sentence again and again! :D

Let's Do this! ;)

P.S: I am taking up a lot of challenges these days. You can check out the fashion and makeup related ones on my BlingSparkle blog. :)

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  1. That's good Bushra. Keep up the good work. I hope this article opens the eyes of those who feel lazy to workout and keeps munching away junks like pizzas, burgers.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. 56 is really not too much if you are tall sweets, so pls don't overdo it! Good luck 😊 Xoxo

  3. Hey Bushra, I am fitness freak so I can give you some tips. Try different workouts so that you don't lose interest. Join a cycling group or an aerobic class. Enjoy yourself. Try body combat workout. Its super. Just google body combat true fitness.
    All the best dear!

  4. Your inspiration is quite noteworthy. Btw, I loved that movie.

    Good luck with getting to size-zero 😊

  5. Weight os controlled 90% by food. I am pretty sure at the age of 21 you will be able to cut down your weight just by watching what you ate. A little any type of workout is sugegsted because skin tends to hang loose and takes back to become firm so do dry brushing. Dry brushing will reduce cellulite, make skin glowy and firm. It did mine even at the age of 27.

  6. I too need privacy while working out Bushu. :)

  7. I too need privacy while working out Bushu. :)

  8. Reducing weight is not difficult if you have the correct support and knowledge , i was searching on-line and came upon this site and got to know that many had success in reducing weight, i am seeing awesome results too, here is that site, hope it will help those who really want to lose weight

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Friends weigh twenty kilos lesser than you? With 56 kilos? They are 36 kilos? Really? How it's even possible? I mean, if they aren't kids, 30 kilos is too underweight! I think you should read more reviews on 123Writings about normal weight. Really.


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