Jewelry Love: PNG Launches New Boutique and The TIMELESS Jewellery Line With Madhuri Dixit


In the recent 2016 Oscars, when I spotted Priyanka Chopra looking like a million dollar babe in her exquisite Diamond jewelry which went perfectly with her sheer Zuhair Morad gown, the jewelry maniac in me woke up again. She set the red carpet aflame looking stunning in Diamonds which cost 8 million Dollars.

Priyanka is one actress whose love for timeless jewelry is known to all. I can't help but agree with the statement she made on her Instagram profile: "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" No doubt! Like Priyanka, I am a jewelry fanatic too. There's a hidden Voldemort in me who loves jewelry, especially family heirlooms and anything which is timeless. ;)

I am blessed with two elder sisters who are happily married now and thanks to them, I have had a lot of experience in shopping for precious jewelry and if there's one store I swear by, it's PNG Jewelers! I love the collection at PNG stores so much that I have bought from their online collection(on Amazon) too.

What I love the most about PNG Jewellers is that they have a stunning collection with rare designs which perfectly stand out whenever you wear them.
I was truly overjoyed to learn about their launch of an all new PNG Boutique in Pune which was inaugurated by a woman who herself is as timeless and beautiful as anyone could have imagined: Madhuri Dixit. The collection 'Timeless by Madhuri' is a stunning art of Kundan Polki and the finest of diamonds designed to boast elegance and beauty. The new PNG Boutique was launched a the JW Marriot, Pune.

Madhuri says that " TIMELESS is a jewelry line which manifests the emotions, the facets and the diverse traits of the feminine identity. " It's for the modern woman who apart from being a mother, a home maker, and a diva is also ambitious and a career achiever. The products in this collection range from Deity of crown, Ravishing queen, Dancing bells, Fairies shining dew, Alnilam, Avant -Garde, Starry floret and Dakshyani.

I can't wait to check out the entire collection of TIMELESS!

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  1. Diamond no wonder looks great but the ones which catches my eyes are like worth crores. So no scope for me currently. Nice post. :)

  2. The collection looks impressive!!!

  3. The collection looks impressive!!!

  4. Lovely collection. PC was mind blowing in Oscar. Thanks for sharing the piece Bushra


  5. Great Post Luv and the collection is just wow...
    xo, Neha

  6. Great collection! Love the neck piece Madhuri is wearing :)

  7. Love struck!/love the collection.. All tge pieces look like a dream...

  8. Wow indeed the pieces priyanka wore were so classy.would love to see more of the collection.

  9. Wow, very well positioned and good collection :)

  10. Wonderful and interesting post. I’ve seen some of these types of necklaces.


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