Anant Ambani's Stunning Transformation


After Adnan Sami and Bhumi Padnekar, guess who is in the news now for their weight loss story? Anant Ambani!

If you are an IPL person, you might have already witnessed this for yourself. The 21 year old grand son of teh legend Dhirubai Ambani, Aanat Ambani has left the world speechless with his amazing and highly unexpected transformation.

Anant Ambani has put all those body shamers who joked about his body weight to shame by recently making an appearance at the IPL 2016,all trimmed and new. While I still can't beleive my eyes, all I can say is people like him are truly inspiring and made of steel! #Respect

I first learnt about his stunning transformation through a Twitter joke:

His weight loss story went viral when he showed up at the IPL and posed with cricket stars Sachin and Dhoni and other celebrities like Salman Khan.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's tweet praising the lad:
Here's what Salman Khan tweeted:

Everyone from cricketers to Bollywood celebrities are applauding this young man.

Anant Ambani's mother, Nita Ambani says that as a kid, Anant had asthama, the medications for which led to the excess weight gain. 

I really appreciate the will power of this man and the striking perseverance he showed to achieve his goal!  I am so inspired by his story that I have made a vow to never miss workout again! ^_^ *pinky promise*

Anant Ambani, we are proud of you! *claps*

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  1. Hats off to this guy for his strong will power and determination. It takes a lot to accept your flaws and work on it sincerely and Anant proved it. Thanks for sharing his story deariie :)

  2. this is transformation of the millennium!
    you better get working!

  3. That is a big transformation! He sure needs praise. :)

  4. He deserves the applaud. Great guy!

  5. He turned out so handsome. Hats-off to his dedication


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