Currently Loving: Bata Metallic Red Wedges


Yes I love stilettos, but these days they have taken a backseat in my shoe rack. I have become a more comfort-loving girl lately. Everything from apparel, jewelry to shoes has to be comfortable or it doesn't catch my eye anymore.

A few months back, my ankle got sprained and to my horror I realized that I hardly had any comfortable footwear (flats wedges and other such beauties) in my collection. All those stilettos and boots sitting on my rack looked gorgeous but scary, thanks to my sprain. That was when I decided that it was time for a shoe haul! ;)

As if they knew what I wanted, Amazon came up with a smashing sale the very next day and that was when I got acquainted to these beautiful wedges!

I always look for a good heel height while buying shoes and these wedges were perfectly what I was looking for. What with the cute gold polka studs on it and the elastic strap to hold the shoe in place, it was a dream come true!
This was my first pair of footwear from the Bata brand and I must say that we really underestimate our Indian brands. The quality is superb and I can go on praising these footwear for a whole day!!

What I loved:
*They are super light
*Cute colour
*Bought them for 60% off from Amazon *winks*
*Super sturdy. They fit perfectly
*I can walk in them all day and they won't hurt my feet!
*Quality of the material is superb

What could have been better:
*The material attracts dust a lot. So every time I wear it, I briefly clean them with a moist cloth or baby wipe tissue.

You can buy them from here: But I would suggest waiting for another sale :D

Bottom line: I loved them so much that I ordered another pair in golden colour. No kidding! :D *wink* Will wear them once this pair is broken and battered.. which is not happening any time soon!

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  1. for some reason I've never been a wedges fan.... but this one really looks good :-)

    1. When sprains kick in, we all love wedges :P Thanks yaar!

  2. Looks attractive.
    I prefer flats though.

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