Currently Loving ~ Crystal Embellished Watch


Some things are very close to your heart, so close that you don't want to use them as you are afraid you will lose them.. and that is going to hurt a lot! Same is the case with this beautiful watch which has a reserved place in my heart as it's a gift from my Dad! :)

My Dad loves to spoil me with gifts and this was from his recent visit abroad. I really love my father's choice. He has a knack of what I will like especially when it comes to handbags and jewelry. I haven't worn this watch yet because the chain strap is a bit big for me and I'll have to get it customized before I wear it.

Isn't it simply gorgeous! ^_^

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  1. Rich and elegant watch. But its too ornate for me. :)

  2. Oh my god! It's so kitsch and kinky! I think those watches are not for me. Can't imagine what outfit can look good with those watches. As for me, they aren't elegant at all. Too much of shining and gold. If I'd need to write a review of PhDify, I would say that they are like this watch. good, but too much.


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