What I Did When I Didn't Get an Auto rickshaw During an Emergency


There's a reason why auto rickshaw drivers are so ill-famed in India - There's a NO plastered over their faces all the time! You might think that living in the most reputed place of Bangalore had different situations and that travel was a piece of cake here - but unfortunately, NO!

'NO' can be a great boon at times, but in some situations it can get totally annoying, especially where an auto is concerned. I have two main roads each a small walk away from my home, yet I have to spend at least fifteen to thirty painful minutes struggling to catch an auto.

This happened day before yesterday when we made a plan all of a sudden to go watch the night show at the Jumbo circus in Begur, Bangalore. It had been like fifteen years since I had watched a circus and Jumbo circus is really good. I watched it when I was five and still remember how awesome it was.

The whole thing happened suddenly so I didn't have the privilege to travel in my own car, which my brother had taken to his office in the morning. I am not a taxi person and we were just three adult women with my niece and nephew so auto was the best option.

The show was at 7:00 and we managed to reach the main road by 6:15. Fifteen minutes went by stopping autos and asking if they would go, all of them said a straight NO and while the clock ticked 6:30, the panic attack started.

Begur was at least 30 minutes away from where we were, add the Bangalore traffic to it, plus the time we would spend buying the tickets for the circus - we were likely to miss half of the show!

That's when I downloaded the OLA app back in my phone, standing right on the main road. Thankfully there's a bus stop in the main road so I made my Mum and nephew sit on one of the seats while I did the deeds.

I have mentioned in this post that I have not had a good experience with OLA in the past but I guess we all should take second chances in life and standing there helpless and panic stricken on the main road with my Mom giving me hopeful looks, boy! I fell in love with OLA!

There was no taxi available at the moment(wow Bangalore) so I booked an auto instead. (Grudgingly though :P) The OLA auto was there on the main road like in 3 minutes and I took a deep sigh of relief when we finally left to the circus at around 6:45.

We were obviously late for the show but thankfully the tickets were still being sold and we hadn't missed much. It was an AHMAZING show!! (Will talk about it in detail some time laterzz)
Anyone staying in Bangalore with your family - JUST GO WATCH THE SHOW!! It's worth every penny. You can even go watch it with a group of friends, that'll be more fun :P Just don't go alone because hey! It won't be fun that way.

Ok, so getting back to the auto issue.. hell broke loose while getting back home.

The show never seemed to end and we came out of the camp reluctantly even before the last stunt started, because it was already 9:20 and we had to find our ride back home!!

I was too happy from the effect of the show to realize that my battery had gone to 1% and when I touched it to click my last picture, my phone switched off. I quickly turned to my sister asking for her phone to book an OLA cab or auto but her phone was dead too. Crap.

Begur is a real creepy place at night. What's more, the auto walas here were WORST! I stood there for like an hour, my sister on the opposite side of the road, both jumping at every auto that passed, but in vain.

I couldn't even call up my brother to pick us up. It was almost an hour after the show ended now and the circus had also gone all dark. All the people had gone home except for a few who were struggling like us.

After a little prayer and 'I'll be a good girl' promises to God, I finally got an auto for Triple the meter and we were back home, safe and sound. *sigh* ^_^

Lessons learnt:
*Always. ALWAYS keep your phone charged and carry a power bank while you travel.
*Have apps like OLA on your phone. Technology is such a great boon!

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  1. Oh god! Quite a scary adventure. In Bombay also it has become very difficult to get cabs. My house is in Spith Bombay do there are no autos there anyways. You take care naughty girl! Love 😊

  2. Really fearsome situation.
    Thank God, you are safe and sound.
    May be it was God's call to remember Him and put your trust on Him..!

  3. Aah that was damn scary man! Thank Goodness, you're all sake and sound. Kudos to you for so tactfully handling the situation gal! :)

  4. Phew that was some adventure!!

  5. This is a perpetual problem in Bengaluru. Glad you got home safe.

  6. It has happened with me. Keep a battery bank always. I bought one after such a situation.
    http://www.lifewithherbals.com/top-10-natural-ingredients-remove-scars/ …

  7. It happened to me once before while i was alone and struggling for auto at an odd hour with my phone dead.. I borrowed a lady who was standing next to me to call my bro to pick me up. Quite an adventure.. Im happy with ola experience too. They had not yet let me down :)

    1. I meant I borrowed the phone from the lady standing next to me.. :P

  8. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!


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