Medimix Ayurvedic Intimate Hygiene Wash Review


We are a Nation that shies away from talking about personal lady problems. Not openly discussing women health, intimate hygiene and mensuration actually leads to a lot of problems and myths. 

Today I am going to talk about intimate feminine hygiene and my experience with #MedimixAyurvedicIntimateHygieneWash. The delicate vaginal area has a pH value ranging between 3.5 to 4.5. Soaps, body washes and even normal water have higher pH value than this, which leads to vaginal pH getting out of balance causing irritation, itching and dryness. It is always best to use an intimate hygiene wash to keep problems and infections at bay especially in summer and during your menstrual cycle.
Price: INR150 for 100 ml.
Availability : Easy. Can be brought online here.

While winter is all about dry skin woes summer comes with its own set of problems. In summer the tender feminine intimate area is more prone to irritation and infection all thanks to excessive sweating and at times like these Medimix Intimate Hygiene Wash came as a blessing into my world.

The Medimix Intimate Hygiene Wash has been made using the rich secrets of ancient Kerala Ayurveda using natural ingredients like: lime, rosemary, neem, sage, aloe, thyme, vetiver, bisabolol . This intimate hygiene wash also contains lactic acid which encourages the natural vaginal acidity and is SLES, Nitrosaminen, soap and Parabean free .
Medimix Intimate Hygiene Wash is packaged in a transparent plastic bottle with a press button cap which is easy to travel around with. I just take a little of this clear and gel like intimate wash on my palms add some water to lather and apply on my intimate area. It foams decently, rinses of easily and has a mild pleasant herbal citrus kind of fragrance behind. I have used this intimate wash for about 4 weeks now and I find its chemical free pH balanced formula gentle and ideal for everyday intimate area cleansing.


  • Nice citrus smell
  • cleanses gently
  • doesn't dry out my intimate area
  •  suitable for daily use
  • PH balanced
  • Chemical free formula
  • Has lactic acid
  • affordable
  • easily available
  • Travel friendly 


  • None.

Stilettomaniac Rating: A+

Medimix Intimate Hygiene Wash with its chemical free formula cleanses the intimate areas without causing any itching or drying making it a must have for all women. 

Have you used Medimix Intimate Hygiene Wash ? Share your experience with me! 

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