My Ideal Yatra ~ From Bangalore to Lucknow


What's your idea of a perfect vacation? For me, it's visiting my Homeland, a place where my loved ones live and a place which back then, I had dearly missed for three years.

It all started with a phone call. It was just-another day with just-another mad rush of life and juggling between work and home. I was engrossed in my laptop when the call came. My Mom picked up the phone and that's what marked the start of my beautiful and most memorable journey of life.

It was my Cousin's wedding and we had all been invited, actually, threatened by our Grandmother to visit her. After all, it had been three years since her grand children had been there and having missed her and the rest of my family, I knew how much this journey meant to all of us.

We decided we needed a real vacation and a break from the life in Bangalore so we planned our journey in such a way that we could visit and explore three places at a time. From Bangalore we would go to Hyderabad, from Hydereabad to Delhi and from Delhi to our home town - Lucknow.

My Dad suggested we check out the Flight Schedule and book tickets online. But I love travelling by Train so I insisted that we travel by the same. I booked a return ticket on Jet Airways for my Dad as he would be travelling to Lucknow just a few days before the wedding due to his Business engagements. For the rest of the family, I booked train tickets and all the bag packing and drama of shopping for our vacation started.

The journey started from the Bangalore Cantt. railway station where we were onboard the Bangalore Nanded express and heading straight to Hyderabad. What I enjoyed about this trip:
  • Window seat: They say the little things in life bring the most joy. I know no joy beyond a window seat. As we were 11 people travelling together, we had two whole booths of the train to ourselves.
  • The Food: I treated myself to mouth watering delicacies like Bisi Bele Bath, Idli Vada, Masala dosa and Puliyogare. If you are in South India and you haven't tasted any of these dishes, go feast on them like NOW!!
  • The games: No, not games like Candy crush or Temple Run. We were too afraid our batteries would run out to play digital games which gave us the opportunity to discover the hidden joy of playing a REAL game. We played Ludo, snake and ladder, chess, UNO cards etc, and I can't even put into words how much fun it was!

Our first stop was the Charminar, after which we visited the Taj Falaknuma Palace which was a vision in itself. After two more stops which included a fun park where we had the time of our lives, we headed to the railway station to continue our journey.

Delhi was an altogether different experience. We didn't get to visit the Taj Mahal due to our stringent schedule but it was an awesome experience nevertheless. By the time we reached our hometown, we were all exhausted but filled with an inner joy which brought broad smiles on our faces on the mention of 'How was your journey? Did you travel safe?' by my Grandma.

My journey didn't stop at Lucknow. After visiting Sidhauli and Sardanagar, I got to visit some breathtaking sites of unexplored India like Kheri. I still have that serene and peaceful image of the river side of Kheri imprinted in my head and I can't rest until I visit that place again and again and again..

The journey is always better than the destination ~ In my case, both the journey and the destination were equally awesome. Those fifteen days I spent travelling to Lucknow and exploring all my way there were the most memorable moments of my life and I couldn't have wished for a more perfect vacation!

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