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Article in collaboration with +Aisha Singh 

If your dream job is to work in the fashion industry and you have had a passion for this art for your entire life, there are many different types of jobs to choose from. Of course there are different skill sets necessary for different jobs, but figuring out your strengths can help you narrow down a career path. And so here are a few tips to get you started.

If you have an interest in business and marketing you can become a fashion merchandiser. This job requires you to follow fashion trends and to guide designers to sell their products. On the other end you can become a buyer who buys materials or items for major retailersTaking specific fashion business courses like this one will surely help you in this field.

If you are more creative and artistic you can become a designer or stylist. This will allow you to build your art skills by designing products themselves or styling models for fashion shows. It requires a high level of creativity and training, starting out at internships is the first step to succeeding in this field in order to gain expertise guidance. Another route to consider is becoming a fashion journalist. If you have a passion for the fashion world and trends as well as good writing skills, this is a perfect job for you. To start out, try building an online presence with a fashion blog or doing freelance work for other blogs and magazines. This is extremely important for building your resume and eventually landing in a dream position at a top magazine or website.

Public relations is another interesting field of this industry. The PR person is in between the products, consumers and retailers. The PR person is also in charge of maintaining a brand’s image and helps to make a brand popular in the extremely competitive and fast paced world of fashion. To become successful in this branch you need to have a degree in business or communications. As with the rest of the career paths it helps to start out at internships to gain experience and figure out if it is the right job for you.

People sometimes think that the only jobs for them in the world of fashion are in design or styling. Clearly there are many more options for passionate, hardworking people who live for fashion. The best tip of all is to do your research, keep up with the latest trends, start a fashion blog, focus on what type of career you desire and will thrive on!

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