Datsun redi-GO: The urban beast


Growing up with a car-crazy brother, you pick up a thing or two. Just like my brother, I love cars and don't mind stopping in the middle of the road, appreciating a beauty when I spot one.

After the crazy and intensely exciting marathon which I took part in, you all know that I am looking for a cool car to make it mine. This will be the first car I buy in my own money. 

Riding your Dad's car is fun but the treats which come with having your own car is out of this world. Mainly because then there's no fear of your Dad crushing you into pieces if you get his car damaged. :D

Choosing the right car is a tough task I must say because there are hundreds of choices available these days from so many brands. Then there are facts like pricing, features etc which you have to consider which make it more difficult. I was in this same mess until finally I spotted a pic of a green beauty which just clicked. Yes, I am talking about the brand new launch from the house of Nissan -  The Datsun redi-GO!

Why Datsun redi-GO:

  1. Sporty design: I am that typical girl who goes on the looks first. With the Datsun redi-GO, it was love at first sight. I happened to spot this eyecandy online on a banner which read " Introducing the Datsun redi-GO, booking open" and I couldn't help but dote at the stunning green beauty. I don't want my car to be of a common colour like black, silver or white which millions of people own. I want it to be a unique colour and the Datsun redi-GO comes in that unique shade of green. They have also launched it the red and other colours but I like the green one better. It has the Yukan design which is compact and sleek with a sporty attitude to it. It has got a premium appeal to it which makes it stand out.
  2. DATSUN PRO-SAFE 7:  Safety while driving is a top priority, especially when you are not so experienced when it comes to driving and of course - if you are riding the unpredictable Bangalore roads! The Datsun redi-Go is backed with a stunning crash protection shell and a brake with the shortest braking distance, all of which ensure a person's safety.
  3. Easy on the wallet: A bird on Twitter told me that the price of this stunning car is something around 2.4lakhs. I was really impressed and the reasonable pricing is another feature I love about this car!
I am looking forward to giving it a test ride to check on its performance before making it mine. As this car is designed specially for the urban roads, I would like to test drive it from my home to my office. :D This is the main route I'll be taking my car through in future so I would like to test it on the Bangalore roads itself! 

Riding the Bangalore roads during working hours can be one hell of a task and I am sure the Datsun redi-GO will put an end to my misery. It's compact and the perfect size to suit the roads here. It also has the 'small turning radius' which is a great boon when you are stuck up in a tight spot at a parking lot. 

Bottom line:
Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Here's a short video for you all to catch a glimpse of this beauty:

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