Haul and Shopping Ban


Did I mention to you that I am on an official shopping ban? Yes. I still can't believe I am doing this but yes, it's happening. I went on a shopping ban on the 20th of July and haven't shopped anything online ever since. :'(

How long is this Ban going to last? Well, I have no idea.. I am very adamant this time so hopefully it will last for another week at least!!

Shopping Ban July 2016:

  • GOAL: Getting rid of the shopping madness in me which makes me spend mindlessly both online and offline. (This ban is an online-only one though)
  • For How Long?: One Month!
  • What motivated me to go on a shopping ban?: A whole room wardrobe which was overflowing with clothes, jewelry and footwear... and err.. my Mum who threatened to kick me if I didn't put a full stop to this. :/
  • How Do I feel?: It's been five days without shopping and I must say.. this is VERY hard. But hey! I like challenges!!
Coming to the footwear haul I made a few weeks before going on my shopping ban, I am so loving these beauties! I didn't know how good a brand Bata was until I tried them out. These are my fifth and sixth pair of footwear from Bata and yes, I bought them from Amazon.in at 70% off! *dance dance*
I totally LOVE them! The red studded wedges are super hot and look gorgeous on my feet. The brown belly flats are equally good and totally comfy. <3

Which one is your favourite?

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  1. just for one month? i though this was for 3 months lol

    1. Lol. Boond boond se banta sagar. :P =D

  2. The brown one.
    I actually like strappy footwear. I miss Bata's s strappy ones.
    But I must say I found one I liked yesterday.

    All the best for your challenge, Bushra.

  3. A girl who doesn't shop....what is the world coming upto.

  4. Bata is most stunning brand. i like these designs. but they will get back soon.
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