Haul and Shopping Ban


Did I mention to you that I am on an official shopping ban? Yes. I still can't believe I am doing this but yes, it's happening. I went on a shopping ban on the 20th of July and haven't shopped anything online ever since. :'(

How long is this Ban going to last? Well, I have no idea.. I am very adamant this time so hopefully it will last for another week at least!!

Shopping Ban July 2016:

  • GOAL: Getting rid of the shopping madness in me which makes me spend mindlessly both online and offline. (This ban is an online-only one though)
  • For How Long?: One Month!
  • What motivated me to go on a shopping ban?: A whole room wardrobe which was overflowing with clothes, jewelry and footwear... and err.. my Mum who threatened to kick me if I didn't put a full stop to this. :/
  • How Do I feel?: It's been five days without shopping and I must say.. this is VERY hard. But hey! I like challenges!!
Coming to the footwear haul I made a few weeks before going on my shopping ban, I am so loving these beauties! I didn't know how good a brand Bata was until I tried them out. These are my fifth and sixth pair of footwear from Bata and yes, I bought them from Amazon.in at 70% off! *dance dance*
I totally LOVE them! The red studded wedges are super hot and look gorgeous on my feet. The brown belly flats are equally good and totally comfy. <3

Which one is your favourite?

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  1. just for one month? i though this was for 3 months lol

  2. The brown one.
    I actually like strappy footwear. I miss Bata's s strappy ones.
    But I must say I found one I liked yesterday.

    All the best for your challenge, Bushra.

  3. A girl who doesn't shop....what is the world coming upto.

  4. Bata is most stunning brand. i like these designs. but they will get back soon.
    Outfit Ideas | What to Wear to a Concert

  5. Bata is one of my favorite brand. Spending money on bata footwear is not at all waste. The quality of the product is very good and they are long lasting ones. Red wedges is amazing luv it.

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