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A child's health plays an important role in a Parent's happiness. A child's happiness and his/her health gravely affects a parent's life. I have seen my parents worry more than me even now when I fall ill. I have a nephew who is 3 years old and he is the life of our house. His smiles and laughter bring glory to the house and when he falls ill the whole house fills with despair.

Every parent wants their child to lead a healthy and balanced life, either be it physically or emotionally. Sometimes children go down the growth meter by not attaining the right weight and height according to their age. This causes anxiety among parents and worries them.

It is for this reason that it's very important for children to catch up on their lost growth. Not doing which will affect their health and foundation on the long run.

My nephew had fallen very ill a year back and I remember how it had affected not just his parents but our entire family. We all love him and seeing him in pain hurts us equally. The illness which was an extreme case of diarrhea left my nephew weak and pale. We also noticed over the days that followed that his height was also not as it should have been. My sister consulted the doctor regarding a few times too but the doctor always said that the boy is in good health. He just needs some more attention and a change in his diet.

Like every kid, my nephew loves chocolates and icecream and he always prefers junk food over healthy home cooked food. He throws a lot of tantrums to eat food and making him drink one glass of milk every day is the toughest job. Until last year he used to drink bottle milk but when he left that he refused to drink milk completely.

That's when my Mom suggested we try innovative ways to feed him milk. So we tried milk with chocolate syrup first which we were glad my nephew liked but just within three days he grew bored of it and stopped drinking the flavored milk too. So we kept changing the flavours and this was getting really annoying but this was the only way to get the boy drinking milk. He is a born rebel and catering to his choices is a far better option than forcing him, hitting him and doing what not to make him listen to you. He is a spoiled brat as he is the first kid in our house and though we have got two new three month old babies in the house now, my nephew still remains his own rebel self.

So coming back to his health, our innovative ways of feeding him milk did fare well but they weren't satisfactory, not until we came across Horlicks Growth+ a month back.

Horlicks Growth+ has come as a breath of fresh air and my nephew can't get enough of it. Before he used to make all kinds of excuses but now he demands for two glasses of milk with his favorite Horlicks Growth+. Horlicks Growth+ is a specialized nutrition product designed for children in the age group of 3-9 who are lagging being height and weight. It's just been a few weeks since my nephew has been drinking it and we can already see the glowing change in his health! 

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