My Experience Of A Whirlwind Trip To Zaheerabad


Some moments are so special that you just want time to stop right there and live those moments to their fullest.

Few weeks back, before the blessed month of Ramzan, I got the opportunity to create some of the most beautiful memories of my life. It was an opportunity like never before and it turned out way more amazing and treasured than I had ever imagined it to be. I got to explore some beautiful districts and villages close to Hyderabad and found myself deeply in love with a village called IppePalli, close to Zaheerabad!
My aunt and uncle from my Mother's side live in Zaheerabad with their family. They have been living there for years now and have invited us to visit them hundreds of times but only few months back, it was like the city of Zaheerabad was calling me.. whispering in my ears.. and that's when I dared to give myself this holiday, a five days out of my mad urban routine.

The journey was beautiful. We, my Mom, me and my brother traveled by train. We do this all the time as me and my brother love the views from the train. 
Ippepalli is a lovely village, like down to earth lovely! The sad thing is, there's a water shortage there during the summers and the people living there have face a lot pf difficulty. Every moment spent in this village made me grateful and humble. The people here are so loving and caring. I made four friends within matter of hours and they all were eager to take me in a tour of their farms. 
Greenery is something we Banglorians truly love, we can never get enough of it, especially when Bangalore is fast turning into an urban chaos with unbelievable traffic. Zaheerabad was such a refreshment!! There was no traffic on the giant roads surrounded with greenery on either side and it was like the perfect scene from an old Bollywood chic flick. 
The weather there, to my utter surprise was same like Bangalore.. actually it was more calm and peaceful. The farms I visited were lovely and so inviting. It was the Mango season then and my brother and cousins sneaked in some raw mangoes for me - I LOVE them! :D

You know what's the most beautiful part? The farms in the village close to Zaheerabad have hundreds of peacocks, yes peacocks, which gracefully dance every time the sun rises. This was sight to behold and I was too busy staring at this display of beauty to take a picture!
All in all, these were the five best days of my life and I would love to visit this place again. Add my aunt's SUPERB Biryani cooking skills and you know why this trip was so memorable! :D 

Sometimes I wish my eyes could capture images. Don't you too?! :)

...and hey! How can I forget shopping? Zaheerabad is one hell of a HEAVEN for shopaholics like me! :D I bought Hyderabadi bangles for myself, my sisters, colourful Rajasthani bangles again for myself and sisters, then hair clips for my cousin, mehndi, toys for my nephew and the list continues... :P
There's this shop close to the main bazaar of Zaheerabad which makes yumm lassi.. the taste is still there in my senses. Do treat yourselves to it if you happen to go anywhere close! :)

I have missed my blog and you all.

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  1. Such a calm and peaceful looking place. So am sure it must have been a beautiful trip...

  2. That's a beautiful place dear. What an architectural marvel. I'm sure you'd have enjoyed the trip to the core! :) And yes, I am drooling over the main bazaar for the lassi! :-P

    1. Yes.. you can find architecture everywhere. Hahaha :D

  3. I also have lots of memorable moments like this.

  4. Great captures; brings out the essence of the place!

  5. U clicked pics so professionally Bush!

  6. Feels so earthy! Amidst well developed tourist places we all take often, a travel to a village of this sort seems wonderful, isn't? Happy for you, Bushra.


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