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Sanitary napkins are a woman's regular necessity. They are something very personal and intimate and hence have to be chosen very wisely with extra care.

Hygiene is a must and for a woman, the word itself starts with a 'sanitary napkin'. I feel there's no need to shy away from talking about periods and knowing the necessary facts.

I often wonder why women say "I am down today" when they have to refer to periods. I mean, seriously there's nothing to feel down about periods girls! It's a crucial part of you and you should learn to embrace it rather than feeling awkward or ashamed about it. Having said that, let's move on to what I have to share with you today:
There's endless choice in Today's market when it comes to sanitary pads. Stayfree and Whisper have been ruling for years now but not anymore. With brands like Sofy who offer better quality and are a more 'easy on pocket' option, hitting the market, the predominance of Whisper and Stayfree is dissolving.

I have this thing for experimenting with products and the same goes with sanitary napkins - I have used them from a LOT of brands, some even imported ones which my aunt who lives abroad spoiled me with.Whisper choice and Stayfree Ultra advanced have been my all time favourites but recently even those are not fairing well. I am experiencing changes in my mensuration cycle resulting in very heavy flow especially during the nights. This is the reason I reached out for better options and I am glad to have come across Sofy Bodyfit overnight pads.

Why Sofy Bodyfit Overnight?
  • Very long and wide. perfect for night times and during heavy flow days. I have the whole bed for myself so I sleep like I am participating in a freaking marathon. This is why I choose sanitary which are super long and huge. Sofy is just that! It ensures I don't have to worry about sleeping ugly.
  • Super absorbing. I HATE leakages and this napkin has double absorbent core. 
  • It has a drying formula. This makes sure you don't get rashes. 
  • It also has a flexi-absorb system which makes the napkin turn-twist with your body when you are sleeping and keeps it in its original shape.
  • They are sturdy with great glue quality which keeps the pad in place. 
  • They are thin and feel feather light too. This is a real boon as they don't show if I decide to wear a skinny pair of pants or leggings.
  • the pads are super soft and made of cotton which makes it much more comfortable.
  • Very well priced.
Thankfully, the Sofy bodyfit overnight or #SofyOvernight  pads are all of the goods put together under one label. Infact, Sofy is famed to be India's longest sanitary pads. Isn't that simply cool?! They are made up of the softest cotton and at the same time the top cover feels very dry and feel super comfy. I am in love with their absorbing power and with Sofy, one doesn't have to worry about leakage at all! 

The packet contains 10 individually packed pads. The packaging is quite discreet which makes them perfect for carrying in your handbag. 

The best part about these pads is that they are economically priced unlike Whisper or other brands which have a sky high pricing. This pack contains 10 XXL pads just for INR 155/- Such a steal deal! <3 

Overall, I totally love Sofy Bodyfit Overnight sanitary pads and highly recommend all women to try them out and witness their care for yourself. I am sure you'll equally love them!

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  1. I have used the Sofy anti-bacteria range and quite liked them! Thanks for the review, will try these.

  2. Yet to use this brand. Sounds good...will try them out. Thanks for the review, Bushra... :-)


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