Life Giving You Lemons? Then Throw A Lemon Party!


There's a name for every profession. A doctor is called a doctor because he is a specialist in his field of helping people with their illness. A Software Engineer is best with his computer where he can create magic and benefit the world.

How about we change positions? Let a Doctor be a Software Engineer and a Software Engineer a Doctor. Sounds fun?

No. Not at all!

My point? What am I trying to prove? Simple : Everything in this world has a fixed way. While we are the masters of our fields, we cannot be the master of Everything.

Translation: Thousands of desires, each worth dying for... many of them I have realized, yet I yearn for more..!

We are humans, a species which is restless and always is search of the best. We have millions of wishes.. millions.. and I am not exaggerating! Does this mean we should mourn when ALL of those million wishes are not fulfilled?  No offence but you would be a fool if you did that.

You may have grown up reading those silly 'My life my rules' and life is short, do what you want' quotes my dear but tell you what! They ALL lied. Yes, they lied to you because here is one little secret no one ever told you:

Life doesn't go your way. It doesn't. Just no. Not even a part or a fraction of it!

Then why do you see so many people around you happy? It's because they have fought with life's lemons, dealt with the oceans which threatened to swallow them and at last.. they have accepted. They have stopped fighting, instead, they have started living.

Read it again. They have stopped fighting with life and started actually living it. Living it.

Now here's the golden point. This is what you have been missing.. take a screenshot of the above words and paste it in the folders of your heart and start living.

We are so busy fighting and being a rebel that we stop appreciating. We start ignoring the lovely little things life offers us everyday.

So what are you going to do now? Promise me. Promise me that it all ends today. It all changes today.. YOU change today, for better.

Life is indeed short, let's make sure the deeds and memories we build here are NOT short. They should be big. Very damn BIG.

If life is not going your way then Stop. Stop and stare at your life for a while. Observe. Think of it as a person who is cheating on you. Make a note of what is going wrong.. where is it going wrong? Since when? Make a whole thesis out of it and then sit on your desk of life, pick up that paper.  Start scribbling your worries on it.. start pouring in your anger and when you are done, scramble that paper, give it a few punches and throw it out of the room of your life!

When life gives you lemons, just chill, make Lemonade and throw a party!

We cannot be the masters of what will happen tomorrow. The best we can do is wait for that 'tomorrow' with a water gun in our hand and mischief in our eyes. *wink*

I dare you to do it.

Love ya,

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  1. Water gun? LOL ! Loved the post!

  2. Hello blogger! Your post is really amazing, it has all the postive and fun vibes, I really loved it.

  3. Hello blogger! Your post is really amazing, it has all the postive and fun vibes, I really loved it.

  4. Life seldom follows plans. And that's ok. Yes, we have to accept a lot of things which are contrary to our plans and wishes. That's life. And you've stated it beautifully.

    1. Exactly. Acceptance is the key. Thank you :D

  5. Awesome take.. Loved it.. :)


  6. Agree with you completely! Life is not about planning..just go with the flow..I wrote something related here..

    1. Yes, we have got to go with the flow. :) That's a lovely article!

  7. Very nice. Life does not follow the script always. One has to adjust.

  8. Life never goes the way we expect it to follow. Still, I think, I'm happy with it. Beautifully explained with gleams of humour... :-)

  9. This is beautiful. Usually these topics are explained in very serious way, but you made it very humorous. Amazing! Please keep motivating.

  10. Life is to be lived with smiles. We shall ultimately get what all we deserve and whats in store for us. Yearning for unending desires will be there, we need work our part sincerely and honestly.

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