My New Bag


You know you are the luckiest person in this world when you are on a shopping ban but the 'Gifts' don't stop pouring in. So, it kind of makes up to your woes and actually makes you more happier coz hey! You don't have to pay for it! :P
So, just a few days back when I was strictly following my shopping ban and mourning dealing with my decision to not shop, my Dad, as amazing as he is, gifted me this bag. You know what was the BEST part? I got to 'choose' whichever bag I wanted coz he obviously bought one for each of his three angels and ofcourse my Mom too. I picked up this oh-so-sexy-and=happening black charmer and I JUST can't get enough of it! :D
It's so gorgeous. I am head over heels in love with it. It has that perfect elegant look finished with a diced embellishment at the top which is uber cool. The handles of it are quite sturdy too and all I want to do is keep staring at it and clicking its pictures!
It's gt a perfect glossy bottom with a shimmer finish. *happy happy dance*

What do you say? :D

P.S: Another new bag post coming up veryy soon. It's a fringe bag I bought from StalkBuyLove and it's Oh-so-amazing!! :D Eeeeehawwww

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