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My new phone which is around 3 months old already has a good share of scratches in spite of the screen being a corning Gorilla glass.

The reason?
  • I don't use a screen guard as I love the feel of the corning Gorilla glass screen and don't prefer a screen guard. 
  • The same goes with a phone cover - I don't use a phone cover too. It just makes my phone bulky and I hate bulky phones plus there is some or the other issue with these phone covers, For eg. the one which I recently bought covers a part of my phone's charging point so every time I need to charge my phone, I have to remove the cover. Long story short, I use my phone without the basic screen guard and cover.
  • I am down to earth clumsy. I have dropped my new phone (MotoG3) at least 20+ times since I bought it.
There's a little incident which happened 3 months back while I was travelling to Hyderabad by train. While boarding the train to Zaheerabad, I dropped my new phone in all the hustle and rush at the station. It was its first fall and thankfully my hero MotoG3 survived it with just a small scratch. 

Coming to the main point of this post, let me share some very intriguing statistics with you which I came across a press release:

Press Release:

Chatting on mobiles while boarding trains, buses and multi-tasking emerge asmainreasons for people breaking their phones, reveals data

Data also shows that younger women may tend to be more butterfingered than men while handling their phones .

Key highlights:

⦁ Women tend drop their phones more often than men (58%). 
⦁ Most people drop their phones while commuting. Talking on mobiles while alighting or boarding crowded trains, buses main reasons fordropping and breaking their phones (76%)
⦁ Multitasking also cited as one of the reasons for dropping phones (55%)
⦁ Selfie drops also account for a significant number of phone breakage. (15%)
⦁ More than 50% of people tend to break their smart phone screens within 8 months of buying a new smart phone.

An analysisof over 4000+ repair requests over a period of one yearrevealed that using mobile phones while alighting or boarding crowed buses or trains is uncool and downright risky. A large majority of about 3000 (76%) people have dropped and broken their mobile phones while using them at such times. The data was revealed by OnsiteGo, India’s No 1 gadget and electronic device protection company.

According to the data, taking selfies also accounted for a significant number of drops. About 600 phones (about 15%) were broken while the user was clicking a selfie. 
The data also showed that about 2400 people (about 60%) comprised female users out of which a majority (about 70%) were in the age bracket of 18 to 25 years.
According to OnsiteGo, about 4000+ requests were received by the company from across the country to repair mobile devices. The data was analyzed to spot trends in usage that could be used to spread awareness among people and help them reduce loss due to breakage.

It was also found that broken screens comprised the largest category to be grouped under repairs. About 1600 (37%) were attributed to broken screens. The other issues included speaker defects, microphone damage, camera, display problems, software issues and others which were fragmented across the remaining 63%.
Of these about 576 (36%) customers had broken screens within six months of purchase. Interestingly about 128 (8%) reported screen damage within the two months of ownership going up to 272 (17%) within 3 months of purchase. The numbers were found to increase exponentially after 3 months indicating that no matter how careful people are with their smartphones, breaking your smartphone screen is almost inevitable. The numbers drastically go up as high as 912 (57%) after 8 months of purchase.

OnsiteGo product integration (pointers)

 Mobile phone screens are vulnerable to drops. While new technology advancements like gorilla glass and other screen protection methods like tempered glass have reduced screen damages they can't ensure total protection. It is therefore wise to opt for a damage protection plan during purchase which ensures you get your phone fixed without hassles in case of any such unfortunate event. 

You can choose and activate a damage protection pack for your phone during the time of purchase as a panacea for gadget troubles. Under a Damage Protection plan you will get an extensive coverage for physical and liquid damage to mobile screens as well as touch pads. A damage protection pack on your phone can prove to be a big boon in emergencies. Be sure to choose a service provider that will collect your phone, repair it and drop it back at your doorstep. You can buy a damage protection pack online as well. OnsiteGo and a few others offer such services. There are options such as “no questions asked” program offering service whether the damage is accidental or not. And if your phone is beyond repair, some promise replacement for free, so you are sorted.

Most Screen Protection plans cover any damage caused to the phone or tablet’s display, be it cracked, broken or shattered display, while the Damage Protection plans cover physical or liquid damage during the first year of ownership of the product, something that manufacturers don’t currently provide.

OnsiteGo is India's No. 1 Ranked Gadget and Device Protection company.


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  1. And I thought I was the only one with Broken Screen.. :-P

  2. With three kids at home, this post seemed like a mirror to me thanks for sharing

  3. Well, My Galaxy s2 was 3.5 years old, when it fell in water and now my OnePlus One is 1.5 years old. It has slipped my hand half a dozen times, but it's intact. I hate covers too. It's kind of an amusing irony that people want slimmer phone when they are going to end up with a bulky version nonetheless.


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