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My love for Kundan and Pearl jewelry started two years ago during my Sister's wedding and it has evolved ever since. It was the amazing Brand Mokanc on Flipkart, which made me fall head over heels in love with Kundan and Pearl jewelry.

When it comes to ethnic jewelry, Mokanc is a brand I SWEAR by but that's a different story and we will keep that for a different post!

So basically, I love love love Kundan jewelry finished with pearls, they are just so trendy and irresistible and go SO well with my ethnic outfits. I am a round faced bubbly woman and Kundan jewelry seems to suit my face type perfectly.

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The pair you see is the above picture is from Ava which was bought from Amazon.in at a 70% off price which is 120/- only(lightening deal). Don't believe it? Well, neither do I! ;)

This seller on Amazon sent it neatly packed it a plastic box with nice bubble wrap and a final card board packaging. One thing I LOVE about Amazon is their packaging - Nothing, I repeat nothing I have ever bought from them has come in a broken or damaged state!

This pair is super light but the design is a little uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time. I feel it's not much flexible so I have reserved it to be worn with some chosen dresses alone.

Talking about earrings, my Dad recently pampered me with a huge and extremely adorable collection of earrings which he brought from abroad for me and my sisters! :D *Oh! I am so damn lucky!* Pictures of those and many more interesting things from my Big Billion Days haul coming up soon!


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