Eye Makeup for Beginners: The Makeup Guide


Guest post by Lavanya Pallapi

They say eyes are the windows to the soul. And true that is. We ladies have always been obsessed with the Kohl filled dark eyes. Those sleek eyebrows, the sharp wing of the liner and those long lashes, they make the pretty eyes stand out, and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go! But when you are a beginner at the eye makeup, lashes coated with mascara would look like spider legs, liner unequal and smudged kohl everywhere, making you seem like a raccoon! Lets us see how we can prevent the racoon-phenomenon with the step by step guide to perfect eye makeup!
1. Lay a perfect base
Well begun is half done! So start with an excellent foundation. Make some homemade face packs that can rejuvenate skin and use potatoes to reduce any redness or dark circles under your eyes. Wash the face with cold water and use a primer around your eyes and get a good base for your makeup. Choosing the right shade of primer is crucial. For everyday use, go for a primer that matches your complexion and for a smokey look or any dark makeup in general, go for a dark shade. Blend it properly, and you can then proceed!

2. Nail the liner
For beginners, a liquid liner may not be a good idea. Go for pencil liners, as they are easy to apply and are less messy. The best fool proof way we have here is to make dots on the upper eyelid and connect them with a line. Start from the middle of the lid and work your way with small strokes outward and then come back and fill the inner-side part. This way there is less chance of the uneven line. The bottom line is way easier to do. Draw a line along your lower lash-line. Once you master the basic style, you can go for gel or liquid liner and try various styles like a cat eye, winged liner, pinup liner, bold and smokey look as well!
3. Mascara it, like a boss
Nothing can bring out the beauty in eyes like mascara does. Invest in a good quality mascara. Our pick would be Maybelline Volume’ Express The Falsies is superb, providing the length as well as giving a nice black finish to the eyelids. Alternatively, Revlon All-in-one mascara would be a good choice, as it gives both volume and length. You can get them at a comparatively low price by using the Nykaa discounts if you go online!

4. Shadows and tricks
Eyeshadow is a blessing. It can cancel out any dullness and instantly brighten up your eyes. Choose a palette that has all the essential colours. Make sure it has nudes, as you’d be using them every day. Also, make sure your everyday nude palette collection is matte, not shimmery. And as far as shimmer palettes are concerned, they are to be used for parties and special occasions, so play with colours, they’d make you look vibrant and sharp.
5. Kohl
Her royal highness, Cleopatra herself had sported the seductive kohl-filled-eyes look. So why should we shy away from it? And you don’t have to stick to the same black kohl; you have different colours, and you can experiment with colours like electric blue, coral green and gold. They will bring out the light in your eyes and make you look utterly charming.
And apart from all of this, you need to groom your eyebrows. Get them tweaked according to the shape of your face and didn't forget the extras. If you have really thin eyebrows, use a pencil to darken the brows, but don’t make it too obvious. Use a brush and fill them with dash like strokes. That’s it, follow them, make your babies stand out and steal the limelight!


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